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Choosing Wooden Toys for Young Babies or for Baby’s 1st Birthday

Wooden toys and simple, wooden puzzles and games make particularly good gifts for babies. Safe, non-toxic natural wooden products feel great to touch. Babies will love the sensory experience of feeling smooth wooden baby toys and rattles in their hands. Best of all, wooden toys are durable family keepsakes that can be enjoyed by baby, and then handed down to future siblings. The simplicity of beautiful wooden baby gifts means they will suit every family and every child. Natural wooden toys make the perfect baby gift for newborns, for baby’s 1st birthday, a Christening gift, or any other special occasion to celebrate a baby or toddler.

Why simple Wooden Toys make a classic Gift for Baby

Naturally beautiful, classic wooden toys are a favourite gift choice for babies and toddlers. Young babies are easily over stimulated. Products with flashing lights and too much sound can easily overwhelm a baby, and don’t make great toys for newborns or young babies. When buying a gift for baby, avoiding toys that use batteries might seem obvious, but there are so many plastic, battery operated devices on the market that they can be hard to avoid. If you are selecting a special gift for a baby or young child, wooden toys will be much appreciated by both baby and parents.

Some families will prefer to surround baby with natural products like cotton blankets and wooden toys. It is a good idea to avoid plastics, particularly when it comes to baby toys that will likely end up in baby’s mouth. Wooden toys made especially for babies are a much better, natural alternative for baby’s first toys. Electronic toys also don’t make good gifts for young babies. If you are wanting to buy a gift for a young baby, but you’re unsure about the preferences that baby’s parents have for their nursery, wooden toys are a safe choice. If you are giving a baby gift to welcome a newborn, or choosing a present to celebrate baby’s naming day or Christening, or looking for a 1st birthday gift for someone special, traditional wooden toys, puzzles and simple wooden games are an ideal choice.

Wooden Toys for Baby that Encourage Play and Stimulate Learning

Toys for baby should be fun, interesting, and also help to develop motor skills. Wooden toys that get baby moving and attract attention make great baby gifts. Toys that encourage reaching and grasping will strengthen baby’s muscles. Rattles and wooden toys that make interesting sounds, or toys that roll away, encourage baby to track their movement, and to learn about cause-and-effect. These gently stimulating baby toys are perfect for helping baby to learn and grow, and all make wonderful baby gifts. Baby is sure to drop and throw your gift. Delicate, keepsake baby gifts might look nice on the shelf, but are not practical toys for a baby or toddler. There are always occasions when a special memento or keepsake makes a perfect baby gift, but if you are wanting to give a gift to play with, then solid, durable wooden toys are ideal. Wooden baby toys that are made to withstand physical play, and that baby can freely enjoy are more likely to be appreciated by both baby and parents.

Classic wooden toys for baby that would suit either a gift to welcome a new baby or a 1st birthday present include wooden blocks, wheeled vehicles like wooden train sets, simple block puzzles, wooden shape-sorters, timber rattles, stacking rings and push-pull toys. Simple wooden toys like these all quietly inspire creative and imaginative play. There’s no limit to the wonderful adventures baby will have when playing with natural, wooden toys that stimulate their senses and inspire them to explore the world. Beautiful wooden toys for baby are great for every special occasion. Wooden baby toys are durable, they feel wonderful to touch, they encourage exploration and develop motor skills while also promoting a calm play environment for baby. If you want a great gift for a baby, particularly for baby’s 1st birthday, wooden toys are a wonderful choice that will be enjoyed for years to come.