Quality Baby Gifts and Soft Toys for Babies from The Baby Gift Store

The Baby Gift Store has a large range of soft toys for babies and toddlers that will make ideal first companions for your baby. Our beautifully designed soft toys for babies are all made from the finest quality fabrics available. Adorable, and totally safe for baby, there’s sure to be a snuggly soft baby toy that’s perfect for your little one.

Soft toys and teddies make wonderful gifts for babies. When choosing gifts for a baby shower, or to welcome a new baby, soft toys are great additions to the baby hamper. Because they are adorable, gender-neutral gifts for baby, soft toys are an easy gift to buy before baby is born. Every baby needs a cuddly teddy or soft animal friend. Cute, cuddly animals and the classic teddy bear are both popular choices for safe and snuggly soft toys for babies. These days, however, there’s a whole world of amazing soft toys to choose from. The Baby Gift Store has put together a great selection of our favourite soft baby toys. With so many bright colourful animal friends, quirky characters and imaginative soft toys just waiting to capture your baby’s attention, there’s sure to be a special stuffed friend here ready to provide your baby with years of hugs.

The Benefits of Soft Toys for Babies and Young Toddlers

Soft baby toys can help young babies to feel safe and comfortable. A snuggly baby toy or soft rattle helps to soothe a baby to sleep. Textured soft toys, chewable toys, snuggly soft rattles and other baby toys that stimulate the senses all aid in baby’s development. Bright colourful soft toys, textured bodies like fluffy ears or tickly bellies, or soft toys that make a noise are all great choices when looking for a soft toy that baby can enjoy exploring. Fun, soft toys are wonderful aids for sensory development and to build gross motor skills. Having a durable soft toy to tug on, shake, throw and hug helps to develop baby’s muscles and co-ordination.

It’s important to choose safe baby toys, and to consider age-appropriate soft toys for new babies. Avoid removable parts or small buttons or other decorative items that may pose a choking risk. Natural fibres and quality materials that feel great on baby’s skin are the best choices for soft baby toys. Any fur or hair on baby’s soft toy should be firmly attached to ensure it does not pose a choking hazard for baby. Babies love to suck and chew on their soft toys. Choosing a safe plush toy that is designed to be well loved by baby is essential. Soft toys with recognisable faces are great for young babies. Babies naturally recognise faces and will love to gaze at their snuggly, soft friend.

Young babies that find it difficult to sleep may benefit from a safe, soft toy. Babies wake frequently, and many young babies find it difficult to re-settle or to soothe themselves back to sleep overnight. Having a cuddly soft baby toy, or a snuggly soft rattle that makes a gentle, soothing sound, can help baby to fall back to sleep. For day naps, a safe soft toy that baby can play with before drifting off to sleep can provide a familiar sleep cue that baby will come to recognise. A soft toy that can be safely cuddled, sucked on and played with is a wonderful toy for baby to associate with nap time.

As baby grows, soft toys and stuffed animals will be their first friends. For imaginative play and for learning important social and life skills, teddies and other soft toys are wonderful gifts for older babies and toddlers. Quality soft toys that are made to last are perfect for a 1st birthday gift. Your toddler will be facing life’s challenges with their soft toy by their side. Meal times, nappy change time and bed time are all made easier when your child’s teddies are along for the ride. Just as soft toys for babies can help young babies feel safe, stuffed toys can provide older babies and toddlers with much needed emotional support on those occasions when they may become upset. Having a familiar soft toy on a long car ride, for day care, or when having to stay in an unfamiliar environment, can help babies and young children to feel more secure.

For Helpful Advice when Choosing the Best Gifts for Baby

The Baby Gift Store is happy to help with any advice you may need when choosing a gift for a new baby. We can help you choose age-appropriate gifts for babies of any age, as well as recommend newborn gifts that the new parents will approve of. We have a great range of special gifts that are ideal as Christening gifts, keepsake presents for baby, and 1st Birthday gifts. We can gift wrap baby’s present and deliver right across Australia. All gifts over $99 are delivered free of charge, and our fast delivery times means your gift will arrive in plenty of time to welcome a new baby home.