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Rattles and Chewable Toys for Baby

Rattles and chewable toys are two essential baby items that make great baby gifts. Every baby needs a rattle! While a keepsake rattle makes a special gift to present to new parents upon the birth of their baby, practical rattles that baby can play with are equally important baby gifts. Rattles can be durable, wooden toys designed for active play, snuggly plush teddies that baby can rattle and cuddle at the same time, or softer, BPA free plastic rattles that function as chewable teething aids.

Rattles and chewable toys are useful, multi-purpose baby toys that make wonderful gifts. Colourful rattles and wooden rattles are lots of fun for baby. It’s important to buy age appropriate rattles and chewable toys for every baby. High contrast, patterned rattles and colourful chewable toys that are easy to grasp are ideal for young babies. Interactive toys and rattles that encourage baby to play are more suited to slightly older babies. These fun rattles help to stimulate brain development. Textured rattles, or rattles with moving parts make great sensory toys and will aid in developing baby’s co-ordination. Gentle rattles and tinkling toys are soothing, and will help baby to drift off to sleep. While younger babies will benefit from rattles and chewable toys that encourage them to track the movement of the rattle with their head and eyes, older babies will benefit from full body movement. Rattles that roll and spin are especially wonderful for older babies. As baby rattles and other baby toys will encourage baby to roll, reach, grasp and throw, it’s important that rattles are tough and durable.

Choosing Between Wooden Rattles, Soft Chewable Toys, or Teething Toys

These rattles are great as they aid in developing baby’s grasping skills as well as finer finger movements as baby manipulates the smaller moving parts. Check the size of the rattle if it is designed to also function as a baby toy. Many wonderful baby rattles are designed for older babies that are capable of playing on the tummies or are sitting upright. Some durable wooden rattles and chewable toys that are perfect for older babies are not ideal for newborns who might be hurt if they were to drop them while laying on their backs.

Soft, plush chewable toys are great for babies of all ages. Soft, cuddly chewable toys are designed to be fun, while also being gentle enough to sooth a baby to sleep. Snuggly rattles that are lightweight and soft are safe for bedtime. Baby can play with a soft, chewable rattle while learning to self-sooth. Baby is more likely to drift calmly to sleep with a cuddly, chewable rattle.

Also soothing for baby at bedtime, as well as being a fun play toy, textured teething toys will gently massage baby’s gums and help to relieve teething pain. Chewable rattles made from BPA free plastic or silicone are essential even before baby’s first teeth appear. Sensitive gums and teething pain will make even the happiest baby grouchy. Providing baby with a selection of rattles and chewable toys will give them a safe way to sooth sore gums as well as provide hours of entertainment and fun.

Rattles and Chewable Toys as Baby Gifts

When putting together a gift basket for a baby shower, or a present to welcome a newborn, it’s a good idea to include a fun colourful rattle, as well as some safe chewable toys, textured teething rattles or similar baby toys that are non-toxic and safe for young babies. Babies put everything in their mouth! Especially while teething. Rattles, chewable teething toys and teddies make fun and practical gifts for a 1st birthday or for a baby Christening or Naming Day celebration. The Baby Gift Store has a range of baby gifts for every occasion including a huge selection of fun baby rattles, snuggly chewable toys and baby teethers. If you are looking for a special baby rattle that will remain a personalised, keepsake gift especially for the new parents, then browse the range of keepsake gifts available from The Baby Gift Store. Free delivery is offered on all purchases over $99, so you can buy something special for baby, as well as a gift to congratulate the new parents on the birth of their child.