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Interactive Baby Toys to Aid Baby’s Development

Toys to aid baby’s development make great gifts for a newborn baby, for a Christening present, or for baby’s 1st birthday. Toys designed to provide sensory stimulation, and those designed to soothe, are both important. Interactive toys can help a baby to fall asleep and can also provide hours of play. Babies learn through play. Starting off with quality interactive toys is essential, right from the start. For both babies and toddlers, interactive toys that encourage play and exploration aid in developing cognitive and physical skills, as well as help your child’s social and emotional development. Babies and children have a natural sense of wonder when it comes to exploring all the new things in their world. It’s important to choose toys that are appropriate for each stage of baby’s development. There’s a large range of toys to aid child development, and thanks to some great advice from baby-care experts, it’s easy to choose the best interactive toys that are designed specifically as infant learning toys.

Tips for Choosing Appropriate Interactive Toys for Babies

Sensory toys are particularly important interactive toys for young babies. Babies experience the world through their senses. Toys that gently stimulate baby’s senses and encourage exploration, trial-and-error, and cause-and-effect using the senses of touch, hearing and sight are important right from the beginning. Interactive sensory toys engage your baby’s brain and help your child to learn. Multisensory toys that encourage interaction are recommended for babies and toddlers.

Interactive baby toys that encourage movement will build baby’s gross motor skills and co-ordination. As baby grows, movement toys can progress from simple grasping toys, to interactive toys that require more finely controlled movements. Babies and young children learn balance, co-ordination and problem solving skills through play with quality interactive toys and games.

Interactive toys that encourage your baby to imagine ‘what-if?’ will pave the path to developing problem solving skills as they grow. From realising what makes something work, to figuring out the secret to keeping their blocks from falling over, interactive toys are essential for helping your baby to make sense of the world.

For the youngest babies, interactive toys should focus on contrasting colours and patterns, as well as soothing music. Young babies respond to movement, and will also be soothed by soft, gentle music. Mobiles are particularly wonderful interactive toys for very young babies. Babies become far more active and curious from only a few months old. Sensory toys and interactive toys that encourage movement become more important as your child begins touching and grabbing. Toys that encourage your child to reach and grasp them, or to kick, or throw, will provide hours of fun for baby. Interactive toys for babies will also improve hand-eye co-ordination. As your child becomes stronger and starts to sit up, or learns how to roll, interactive baby toys should begin to focus on physical co-ordination and strength. Make sure your baby is safe by purchasing baby toys that are tough enough to withstand banging and throwing, and will not become a choking hazard.

The Best Baby Gifts from The Baby Gift Store

Christening gifts, baby birthday gifts, and beautiful gifts to welcome a brand new bundle of joy are our specialty. If you are wanting to purchase a baby shower present and don’t know where to start, then interactive toys are essential baby items that will be appreciated by every new parent. Infant learning toys and interactive toys to encourage movement and exploration are gender-neutral toys that every baby will delight in.

We look forward to helping you celebrate a special child with only the best brands and quality baby products. We’re happy to provide personalised advice to help you choose the perfect baby gift. Your baby will be full of smiles with any of these wonderful baby gifts and interactive toys. For a fun-filled day for baby, surround your child with exciting new toys, fun surprises and lots of love and kisses. We offer free delivery for all purchases over $99. If you can’t be there to welcome baby in person, The Baby Gift Store offers a gorgeous gift-wrapping service, and delivery right across Australia.