Why Baby Toys Make the Best Gifts

We at The Baby Gift Store believe that the best baby toy gifts are ones that are educational and fun for the first year. Newborns grow and learn at an alarming rate for the first 12 months. So, we think the best gifts you can give a baby are ones that allow them to explore their curiosities and learn through interaction.

For instance, around 6 months old, babies become more attentive to sounds, noises, and colours. They begin to track movements better and often turn their heads to check out a sound. Or, some babies are a little more advanced in their milestones, so they might reach for and actually shake or play with something they find interesting. Some of our baby toy gifts are handcrafted to evoke fits of giggles and genuine interest, like colourful rattles and stackable shapes. “A baby’s laugh is an angel’s voice,” after all.

So, why are baby toys the best gifts? Because they teach and nurture a little one’s mind through pretend play and discovery. You are basically gifting a baby with a handful of firsts and potential milestones by giving them a toy that grabs their attention and holds their curiosity.

How to Pick the Greatest Baby Toy Gifts

If there is any doubt in your mind about baby toy gifts, we suggest asking the mum and dad of your little recipient-to-be. Like adults, every baby is different with a unique, budding personality. And who better to tell you about the interests of a specific youngster than his or her parents? Mum and dad can give you some idea about what would make the greatest gift for baby.

Stuffed animals are the usual go-to gifts for babies. And we have a plethora of awesome plushies, like classic teddy bears and friendly critters from some of the most popular children’s books. Some have tinkle with rattles inside when baby shakes them. While others are simply best-suited for cuddles and snuggles at bedtime. But all of our stuffed animals are plush and squeezable for the best hugs that baby can give.

Rattles are another of our top sellers in terms of baby toy gifts. Either alone or within stuffed animals, rattles are shakeable noise makers that tinkle and sound with little beads. No worries though. Our rattles are safe and secure for years of shaking and shimmying.

What If You Can’t Decide on the Perfect Baby Toy Gifts?

Then opt for something else, like a nice gift voucher with the amount of your choice. With gift vouchers, mum and dad can pick something lovely for their baby. Something that engages their mind and allows a kiddo to cuddle, play with, and love a great toy.

Gift vouchers are like giving the recipient the option of getting whatever they like, courtesy of you. For babies, this could be anything from blankets and cuddly stuffed animals, to rattles, pop-up toys, and shape sorters. And there are pages upon pages of great stuff for mum and dad to choose from. Or, they can save a gift voucher for when they need it later. Perhaps when their babe is a bit older, like toddler years, and has clearer interests and ideas about what he or she likes toy-wise.

The Baby Gift Store: Things You Should Know

At The Baby Gift Store, we offer free shipping on orders over $99AU. That is a lot of baby toys and tons of other great gifts too! Sure, you can buy a present for your favourite kiddo, but there are no rules stating you have to settle for just one rattle, or just one stuffed animal. We have tons of great gifts to choose from, and lots of holidays are always right around the corner.

To add an extra-special touch that shows you really care, opt for our gift-wrapping service at checkout. Our professional gift wrappers will beautifully wrap your presents for baby in embossed, patterned, or plain wrapping paper. Plus, it is topped off with a gorgeous bow in the colour of your choice. Pink and blue are, of course, the norms. But you could always ask for other colourful bow favourites, like forest green, canary yellow, and vibrant red.