Teddy Bears: Special Childhood Gifts for Baby

Baby teddies are usually different from classic teddy bears. They are softer, cuddlier, and immaculately put together, as safety is the number one concern when it comes to newborns. These teddies are also not just in the form of traditional bears. There are lots of plush, stuffed animals that babies can enjoy, like lambs named Lucy, bunnies with hang-low floppy ears, and elephants in adorable tutus. We would know. We have them all at the Baby Gift Store, i.e. the perfect place to find a bunch of adorable baby teddies that double as the greatest childhood gifts.

Over the years, teddy bears have become symbols of sweet dreams and a pleasant night’s sleep. Little ones who snuggle and cuddle their teddies are taught that the closet monsters and boogiemen can’t come near them when their teddy bears and plush, stuffed animals are standing guard. Because teddy cuddles are magic, of course. And nothing scares a boogieman more than love, affection, snuggles, and good dreams.

So, basically, when you gift a baby with their first teddy bear, you are giving them the gift of a fulfilled, happy, cuddly childhood with a cute, fluffy bedtime companion. One who will keep the bad dreams at bay for years to come.

Why Do Teddy Bears Make Sweet Gifts for Baby?

Usually, when friends and family go shopping for a baby shower, they are thinking of what could make parenthood easier for parents-to-be. They rarely look into the future of a newborn to think of what might make life a little better, happier, and lovelier for a baby as they traverse childhood. When you think of baby shower shopping in those terms, a teddy bear is a sweet gift for baby. One that might last a lifetime. You never know if that baby will grow up to pass that stuffed teddy bear down to their own children.

Baby teddies are soft, cuddly, snuggly, and warm. They are the epitome of comfort and security, kinda like a baby blanket but better. To quote an anonymous, but wise blogger, “A teddy bear is the one who will always be there for you when you’re alone.” Some kids even associate their teddy bears with their favorite people. If they miss that person, they will snuggle the stuffed animal to make themselves feel better.

Our Assortment of Adorable Teddies for Babies

We at the Baby Gift Store believe that no teddy bear is created equal. These adorable, fuzzy companions have unique personalities and sweet dispositions all their own. It simply takes the imagination of a child to unleash a teddy’s potential. Something as cute as a black and white, plush panda bear can become a fierce bedtime warrior, fending off under-the-bed monsters to keep their kiddo safe. It all depends on the imaginative abilities and creative skills of a youngster. And you can jog those abilities with the perfect beginner teddies for babies.

We have a huge assortment of baby teddies, from classics, to modern takes on an adorable stuffed animal. For example, if you are thinking about sweet dreams and dozing off at bedtime, Barbara the Sheep would make a cuddly, snuggly companion for a little gift recipient. Or, if you are going more for a classic, signature teddy bear, Neddy the Teddy is always available for a cuddle, snuggle, and tons of love. You could also get a familiar character in plush form, like the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, or Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

The Baby Gift Store Vouchers & Other Important Info

If you have perused the entire website, but still feel unsure about what would be the best gifts for baby, snag a gift voucher. You can set the amount to anywhere from $20 to over $500, which makes it the perfect go-to gift for parents-to-be. The new mum and dad can receive your gift voucher through their email instantly. Or, you can set it to be delivered at a different date and time via email. Or, option three, you can print the gift voucher yourself and give it to your recipients in a sweet, congratulatory card.

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