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Towels are Essential Gender-Neutral Baby Gifts

Baby and toddler sized towels are ideal baby shower gifts for those looking for essential gender-neutral gift options. Giving a gender-neutral gift means your present will be easily used by future siblings, and can be purchased with confidence even if the parents are not announcing baby’s gender. Every baby will love having their own baby or toddler sized towel. The great selection of vibrant, colourful, unisex towels for baby will brighten up every baby bath time.

The Best Towel for Baby Bath Time

Baby bath time is one of the most special activities that a new parent will share with their baby. Babies love bath time. And one of the sure fire ways to calm a crabby baby is to let them splash in the bath. Going from a cosy warm bath to the cool air can be a bit of a shock for baby, and there’s a definite trick to getting baby out of the bath, and all dry and cosy, without it all ending in tears. The secret is wrapping baby in a soft, snuggly towel that completely envelopes them, without it being too heavy, and that is gentle against their bath-softened skin. You don’t want a towel that is so big that it needs to be wrapped excessively around baby, or gather too much in front of a small baby. The towel should have a thick, luxurious weave so that it feels wonderful and absorbs water quickly, but not be so thick as to be too heavy for a young baby. In offering the range of baby towels available at The Baby Gift Store, we’ve considered each of these factors and chosen the best gender-neutral baby towels for your baby.

Hooded Towels make Bath Time Easy

Beautiful, 100% organic cotton is the best option for babies. Our quality, natural cotton towels are wonderfully absorbent, luxuriously soft, and made to last. They come in many wonderful patterns and unisex designs, all using natural dyes. Our baby towels are just the perfect size to wrap a baby after bath time. To make bath time even easier, we recommend a hooded towel for babies. If you’re using a hooded towel at bath time and want to ensure a happy baby, we suggest spreading the hooded towel out right next to the bath before baby gets in to the water. After the bath, the parent can immediately place baby straight onto the towel, instantly slip the hood over baby’s head, wrap each side of the towel over baby and pick him up. Baby can be dried while being held, completely wrapped in the towel. It should take only seconds to have baby out of the bath, wrapped in the hooded towel, and into the parent’s arms, so baby is much less likely to get cold or become upset about leaving the water.

For gorgeous baby bath towels, and hooded towels for babies and toddlers, browse our range of unisex bath towels for babies, and those we suggest might suit boys or girls. For days at the beach, we especially recommend the gorgeous themed hooded towels made with organic cotton and natural dyes that are all fantastic, gender-neutral options.