Memories & Beautiful Gifts: Making a Baby Shower Special

Baby showers are meant to be cherished, especially for first-time mums and dads. It’s a totally new experience. One that allows parents-to-be to feel that extra-special bond between themselves, their baby-to-be, and their loved ones. Sometimes baby shower gifts are obvious, like diapers, and clothing for either a boy or a girl. However, some new parents want to keep their child’s gender a surprise. This calls for a few gender neutral baby shower gifts from their nearest and dearest friends and families.

True, it might be easier to simply pick up a cute outfit for a little girl or a pair of newborn shorts for a little boy. But there is actually a ton more fun in choosing the perfect gender neutral baby shower gift. The surprise and anticipation make the baby shower special, while the memories and beautiful, thoughtful gifts push that special experience to an extra-special limit. Gender neutral baby shower gifts seem to be more planned and thought out, meaning friends and family spend more time on capturing those precious memories and moments that are yet to come between new parents and their adorable babe.

The Sweetest Hamper Gifts for Parents & Baby

If you ever think you’re buying too much for parents-to-be… don’t. New mums and dads can use all of the help and baby essentials they can get. From diapers and warm blankets, to wash cloths, and even a teddy bear or two, new parents would appreciate an overabundance more than no abundance at all. Especially on items that you know babies use often.

Our baby gift hampers are packed with essentials that parents and baby would love. These sweet gifts can be just for baby, with something like a blanket, stuffed animal, and storybook for bedtime. Or, it can include all of these elements, then something for mum and dad, like a good bottle of champagne for unwinding after baby’s asleep.

One of our favourites is the Four Seasons Baby Hamper, complete with four storybooks, a plush bunny, and a box of delicious lemon cookies.

Presenting the Parents-to-Be with a Baby Gift Store Voucher

When in doubt, a Baby Gift Store gift voucher makes a great go-to gift for parents-to-be. We have an abundance of cool stuff and baby essentials on our website, so it can be challenging for a baby shower guest to pinpoint exactly what to get a new mum and dad. However, the parents-to-be know what they need, so they can use the gift voucher to buy exactly what they want from our website, personally. It’s a thoughtful gift, made all the more special if you opt for a custom, handwritten greeting card to go with it. Or, send the gift voucher immediately, via email.

Customise Your Gifts with Professional Gift Wrapping

Want to make your baby shower gift stand out? Check the box for professional gift wrapping at checkout. You can choose the colour of paper, as well as the colour of the ribbon. We professionally, beautifully wrap up your baby shower gifts, then lovingly, carefully pack them away to be shipped to either you or your gift recipient, directly.