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Hooded towels make a Unique Baby Shower Gift

Hooded towels make a lovely baby shower gift that’s just a little bit different. If you don’t want to give the usual baby clothes, blankets or teddies for your baby shower gift, but you still want to give the new parents a baby gift that is practical and fun, then a hooded towel is a fantastic option. Hooded towels make a unique baby shower gift that can even be personalised by having baby’s name embroidered. With the great range of distinctive hooded towels at The Baby Gift Store, baby will stand out from the crowd, and look absolutely adorable snuggled in her hooded towel.

Using a Hooded Towel for Babies after Bath Time or at the Beach

Hooded towels make it really easy to dry and wrap a baby after bath time. For young babies, the hooded towel can be spread out before baby gets in the bath. Once bath time is over, the parent can simply place baby on the towel, cover her head with the hood, wrap her up, and hug her dry. Keeping a baby girl warm and snuggled after her bath means she stays calm and content. Not only are hooded towels a convenient way to dry baby, they also look just charming. Little babies look simply sweet as they play while wrapped in a hooded towel.

p>Our hooded towels are also great for Australian beach babies! Hooded towels for toddlers are perfect for drying a little girl off after a swim. Best of all, she can then stay warm as she plays, all wrapped up in her comfy hooded towel. Kids’ hooded towels are great for keeping the sun off babies’ head and back while playing after a swim at the beach or pool. Older babies and toddlers will also have all sorts of fun wearing their hooded towel as a cape. When baby can play with her hooded towel, bath time will never be boring again!

Adorable Designs in our range of Organic Cotton Hooded Towels for Babies

The unique range of custom designed hooded towels from Breganwood Organics is simply divine. Made from soft 100% organic cotton with beautiful, vibrant colours and designs that are just gorgeous, baby and parents will all fall in love with these amazing hooded towels. Breganwood Organics uses natural dyes for all their organic hooded towels. This makes them ideal for parents that want hypoallergenic or natural fabrics for their baby’s towel. And baby girl will love the adorable animal themes that decorate each hooded towel. Choose your favourite animal themed hooded towel from the fun range of jungle, rainforest and outback animals.