The Perfect Baby Shower Gifts for Girls

What kind of presents do you think of when you think of the perfect baby shower gifts for girls? Lots of pink everything comes to our minds, especially for girlies with traditional mums and dads. Some of our best baby shower gifts for girls are decked out in pink and white, perfect for classically welcoming a beautiful newborn into the world. Or, you could go the non-traditional route with something fun and quirky, like a onesie with animal prints, an adorable stuffed bunny, or perhaps a checker blanket in engaging white and black. The possibilities are nearly endless, really.

Sometimes the perfect baby shower gifts for girls are the most obvious. Sure, you think everybody will bring a pink blanket, but the new mum and dad could truly use anything and everything they receive. Regardless of duplicates or near-similar gifts. We at the Baby Gift Store strive for uniqueness in our baby shower gifts though, so the likelihood of your gift being replicated is slim to none. We suggest going with what you love at first glance, such as a cute teddy bear, a couple Marquise bodysuits, or maybe a gift-packed hamper for baby girls.

From Newborn to the Toddler Years

Most baby shower guests are impulsive when shopping for baby shower gifts for girls. They pick up the first thing they think is adorable, usually for a newborn. But, the truth is, you should take some time to really look around and think about what your baby gift should be. Why? Because those newborn babies won’t be newborns forever.

As a matter of fact, babies grow the most during their first year. They are always learning and growing, so you could prepare for the months ahead with other baby essentials that perhaps span from newborn to toddler years. Teddy bears and other plush animals are good examples of childhood gifts that never go out of style. And kiddos will always love them, from their first year of life, to well into their adulthood.

Baby Shower Gifts for Girls: Fun-Filled Hampers

If you’ve spotted lots of great baby shower gifts for girls, and you can’t pick just one, opt for a baby hamper. These hampers vary from baby essentials, to fun-filled products, to something that includes stuff for mum and dad as well as a baby.

The latter is a bottle of champagne for the parents-to-be, perfect for celebrating their little one after their newborn has fallen asleep for the night. Or, buy a fun-filled hamper that encourages learning with board books about numbers, letters, shapes, and colours. These kinds of hampers also, usually, come with an adorable stuffed animal, like a bunny, giraffe, or deer.

Baby Gift Store Info on Free Shipping

Did you know we offer free shipping on orders over $99AU? Yep, we do. And, in that case, we ship to anywhere in Australia. Just name your place. We can ship to your house so you can gift the baby shower presents yourself. Or, we can ship directly to the home of the lucky new mum and dad.