A baby shower is such a special moment. Excitement is building and anticipation is high for the arrival of a gorgeous newborn baby, which is why finding the perfect baby shower gift can feel overwhelming. We've got you covered with beautiful gifts for baby showers whether the gender is known or still a surprise here at The Baby Gift Store.

Find Your Perfect Baby Shower Gifts To Suit Any Party!

Baby showers are wonderful events to help get everyone excited about the imminent arrival of the new beautiful baby. We at The Baby Gift Store are here to help you choose the ideal baby shower gifts to delight the parents as well as the little one! The baby shower is seen as significant part of the pregnancy – generally either celebrating the soon to be birth of the baby, the transition of a woman into motherhood, or a combination of both!

From the traditional to the non-traditional, baby showers range considerably depending on the parents. Some will want to have a no fuss kind of party, where they have a few friends and family around to celebrate the arrival. Others will go all out to entertain, with games, nibbles, drinks and decorations.

Showers can be casual, formal, or even themed, and these days, certainly don’t always mean girls only anymore! Many families are now choosing to include everyone when putting their invite list together. This way, Dad feels just as involved as Mum, and they get to celebrate it together. Some parents decide to have their shower earlier on in the pregnancy to make sure Mum still feels comfortable enough to have the clan around and last the day, while others decide it to be later when Mum may have already finished work and is ready for it all to happen!

Find baby shower gifts to match any theme!

Themed baby showers can range from the simple colouring of the decorations to match the gender of the baby, to something specific the parents love, like a musician or band. They can be outdoors, indoors, at the park or at a restaurant. Some parents choose gender neutral themes such as animals or books, where guests can join in with a costume or prop.

You can easily use their selected theme as a tip for choosing your baby shower gifts to, or brainstorm your own present ideas. The Baby Gift Store offers a range of quality and classic baby shower gifts to transcend themes in order to ensure meaningful presents for baby and parents. This could be something like a thoughtful infant set for when they are ready for food, with a pattern to match the theme or not.

How To Decide Whether Newborn Or Older Gifts Are Best For Baby Shower Gifts

Chances are the new parents of the soon to arrive little one will be receiving huge amounts of newborn gear. While these baby shower gifts never go astray, perhaps consider something special like a special keepsake for the baby to use as they grow a little older. Or choose something that can be both!

A beautiful item like a money box could be the perfect gift to be used in both situations. Parents can start a slowly making a collection of coins for their little one, and then when they are old enough to start teaching them the value of money and saving, the child can start contributing themselves from the coins they will inevitably receive from Grandparents and the like!

Alternative baby shower gift ideas if you can’t decide!

Another wonderful idea for baby shower gifts is to leave the deciding up to the parents. By giving them a gift card for The Baby Gift Store, there is no risk of doubling up on items they are given at the shower, and you are giving the new parents the time to go through their gifts and figure out exactly what else they need to add to their collection before the little one arrives. Alternatively, if you can’t decide between our thoughtful and quality baby shower gifts, note that we provide free shipping for items over $99AU, if you decide you want to grab more than one! Ensuring value for money present solutions.

Can’t make it to the party? Make your presence known with your baby shower presents! For a little extra cost we can ensure your gift arrives with premium gift wrapping and a personalised card to help your gifts for the baby shower really delight!