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The Cutest Décor for a Baby’s Room and Crib

Preparing for a new baby is an exciting time for both parents, their families, and friends. The excitement is amplified if the new addition is a first born for the parents, since there is so much more to do and prepare for. A baby room is an especially important to-do, complete with a crib and lots of adorable, baby-safe accents. From beautifully knitted bassinet blankets, to cot sheets, we at the Baby Gift Store offer a plethora of well-made and safe baby décor gifts to present to the parents-to-be.

You may wonder, “what are the most important décor things that a baby needs for a nursery?” Aside from love, cuddles, and plenty of chubby-cheeked kisses, babies need a comfortable place to sleep, a baby-safe place to play as they grow, and a place that lifts their mood and stimulates their minds with different colors, textures, and sights. Luckily, there are hundreds of cute themes for a baby room, and we have lots of cot sheet gifts and baby décor gifts for many of them.

Example? Pink is a classic color for newborn girlies, so we offer sheet and blanket designs in varying tones. The same goes for classic blue for little boys. Want to give neutral bassinet sheet gifts? Go with a cool green or mellow yellow. All of our sheets are baby-safe, durable, and soft for optimum safety and comfort.

More Adorable Baby Décor Gifts Ideas

Aside from a soft selection of baby-safe sheets for bassinets and cots, we have a collection of adorable baby décor gifts for the overall look and atmosphere of a baby’s room. For instance, parents-to-be can express their excitement over their impending little one with a baby room plaque, perhaps silver-plated and tied with a ribbon. It hangs on the doorknob to remind families and friends alike that a small bundle of cute is nestled in the crib in that particular room.

Or, if you are thinking bookshelf keepsake for a baby’s room, invest in something like a footprint frame, or a handprint imprint frame. You could always create your own impromptu gift bag with a few baby décor gifts and bassinet sheet gifts in one. These would make awesome baby shower presents, after all. And you might find it hard to buy just one of anything so adorable.

What Should I Look for in a Bassinet Sheet Gift Set?

Safety is the most important aspect to keep in mind when shopping for baby gifts, especially those that will be in the bassinet or cot with a new baby. Bassinet sheet sets need to be extra-fitted to prevent a baby from pulling the sheets up or wrapping the sheets around themselves. They also need to be comfortably soft, but firm enough to withstand when a baby learns how to roll over.

If you are a loved one buying for a new baby, remember to check all of the safety features to make sure the gifts are up to snuff on safety features. The first few months are the most important in terms of baby safety, but we also have a bunch of well-crafted, beautiful sheets for 6 months and up too. Some of the best baby décor gifts are both sentimental and practical.

Gift Vouchers: The Best Buys for Parents-to-be

We understand that it can be daunting to shop for the perfect baby gifts, especially if you’ve never had or been around children yourself. It seems like babies need so much, which makes the buying process a challenge. Why not let the parents-to-be decide what they need? We at the Baby Gift Store offer gift vouchers that you load with the amount of your choice.

The gift vouchers can be instantaneous with an email to your recipient. Or, you can print it out to present the voucher in a nice card at the baby shower. Either way, the new mum and dad can spend their gift on whatever strikes their fancy for their newborn baby. From baby blankets, to sheets, to toys and hampers filled with essentials, we have a huge selection that parents can appreciate.

Plus, we offer free shipping Australia-wide with any purchase of $99AU or more. You can also opt for an extra-special handwritten card to congratulate the parents-to-be and beautifully, sweetly celebrate their adorable new arrival.