Nursery Gifts For Newborns & Expecting Parents

The nursery is such a special place. The first room that’s all about baby. A small sanctuary for new parents; a peaceful area where rest and bonding is the top priority; and when you’re not quite sure of the best gift for expecting parents and newborn babies; a nursery gift is the perfect idea.

The best nursery gifts are practical, gorgeous and sentimental and will be appreciated the entire time baby is in the nursery, and adored during this special, love-filled time. Whether it’s something special to decorate baby’s nursery or adorable nursery cot sheet sets there’s Australia’s most beautiful selection of gifts for babies right here ready to order now.

Nursery Keepsake Gifts For Babies

Our keepsake gifts for the nursery range from stunning silver keepsakes from amazing brands such as Royal Doulton, or beautiful giftware from Wedgwood. It’s all about gifting quality keepsakes that will stand the test of time as baby grows.

Musical Gifts for the Nursery

Music and sound are one of the easiest ways to keep baby settled and content, and we’ve got a wonderful selection of musical baby gifts that will add joy to the nursery any time of night or day. Sweet lullaby sounds will gently fill the air and comfort baby into a world of dreams with our selection of baby music box gifts, musical baby mobiles and more.

Silver Plated Baby Nursery Gifts

Silver plated baby gifts have always been a traditional Christening gift and they are just as wonderful as a gift to welcome newborn babies to the world. Silver-plated gifts in our range are of the highest quality and made not only for their beauty, but also their functionality.

We’ve carefully selected a range of functional silver plated baby giftware such as silver money boxes, silver music boxes and more. Each made by some of the world’s finest brands, because we know when it comes to choosing suitable presents for a newborn gifts that quality always matters.

The Baby Gift Store is Australia’s best online gift store for babies; with a highly qualified team of gift experts, the industry’s best buyers finding the finest product range for you to choose from, and a dedicated team of local Sydney staff who manage and distribute every gift we sell; our customer is always the most important part of our business. We are proudly Australian owned and operated and all of our baby gifts are kept in stock in our warehouse and delivered right from our business to your special person’s address. We look after you every step of the way and we’re part of one of Australia’s largest gift companies.