Personalised Gifts

Personalised Baby Gifts For Something Special

Babies are bringers of hope, joy, love, and happiness, and they deserve a special welcome into the world that they'll always treasure, and the ideal gift for newborn babies is our special range of personalised baby gifts. A parent's new role is an important one, and one that changes so quickly, and they'll want to savour every moment, because that adorable baby will only become more independent from here. Before you know it, that newborn will be toddling around the house, getting into everything, and defying all odds.

So, as a welcome home party guest, what would be the best presents you could give to a new dad and mum? We at the Baby Gift Store suggest a few personalised baby gifts. Ones that offer new parents the opportunity to capture unforgettable memories in special mementoes.

Sweet, Thoughtful Baby Gifts with a Personalised Touch

Almost any baby gift can have a personalised touch if it comes from the heart. Anything meaningful that comes from you, for example, is personalised in the fact that you took the time to pick out the perfect present for your loved ones and their new little bundle of joy.

The Nicest Personalised Keepsakes for Mum, Dad, & Baby

One of the most popular personalised keepsakes are photo frames, ideal for displaying beautiful pictures of mum, dad, and baby. Some of our photo frames, like the ones from the Bambino collection, are silver-toned to represent purity, new beginnings, and everything sweet and positive that a baby embodies. There are even a couple of adorable footprints in a raised, silver emblem to accent the frame and make it all the more special.

Another popular option is the Inkless Photo Frame Print Set. Yes, they are still picture frames. But instead of pictures alone, these frames are divided into two sections. One for an adorable photo of the baby, and another for an imprint of their handprints or footprints. There are instructions included, of course, since this photo frame is inkless. No mess or hassle for a new mum and dad.

Gift Vouchers & Other Baby Gift Store Information

Gift vouchers are a popular Baby Gift Store option for baby shower guests who want to get the parents-to-be something they’ll use. Set the gift voucher with the amount of your choice, then email it to the new mum and dad directly. Or, set a later date for them to receive the same gift voucher and email. Or, secret option number three, print the gift voucher yourself, then present it to them within a sweet, handwritten card at the baby shower.

Did you know we offer free shipping on orders over $99AU? Yep! In which case, we ship to anywhere in Australia, just for you. We also offer professional gift wrapping and an upgrade on your customisable gift message, perfect for showing you’ve gone the extra-special mile in making an effort to celebrate the birth of a new, beautiful baby.