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Beautiful Keepsake Silverware Gifts for Babies

Being invited to share a baby’s special Christening Day is an honour. Traditionally, guests will bring a gift to congratulate the parents and to welcome the child. If you are unsure about the traditions and etiquette behind giving a Christening gift, we’re happy to help with advice. Browse our online store for the best range of quality Christening gifts, and for ideas about what might be a suitable gift from you to the young child. Whether you are wanting to give the child a more traditional sterling silver Christening gift, or you are looking for a more contemporary silver baby gift for a Naming Day ceremony, The Baby Gift Store has a beautiful range of silverware for babies. Silver gifts for babies are wonderful keepsakes that will be treasured and passed down through the generations.

The History of Giving Silverware Gifts for Baby’s Christening

Giving a gift to a young child to mark their Christening or naming day ceremony has a long tradition. As Christening traditions have changed over the centuries, so too have the sorts of gifts that are given to the young child. Many early customs include giving a silver coin either upon the birth of a child or at their Christening as a symbol of good luck and as an investment in the child’s future. A gift of silver, particularly a silver coin, was seen as the best way to wish the child a prosperous life. During the Tudor period, silver spoons became associated with Christian traditions. Silver Apostle spoons were given to the children of wealthy families. The Victorian era saw this Christening tradition evolve and a greater variety of silver gifts were given to the young child on their Christening Day. Popular Christening gifts during the Victorian era included many smaller versions of practical kitchen silverware gifts. As well as silver baby spoons, traditional silverware Christening gifts included baby mugs, tankards, napkin rings, egg cups, silver basins and caudle cups. The tradition of giving these beautiful silverware gifts for babies continues today. Generally, these precious silverware Christening gifts are now given by the godparents or grandparents of the child. Many families will be lucky enough to still own beautiful silverware Christening gifts that have been handed down through the family for generations. Giving a young child a silverware gift that will become a family heirloom is a very special way to continue this tradition.

For more recent generations, the range of silverware gifts also included silver birth certificate cases, silver rattles, jewellery or small silver trinkets. Silverware gifts for babies continues to be the most popular choice for a Christening, particularly from close family and friends. Contemporary silverware Christening gifts for babies include absolutely gorgeous music boxes, silver photo frames, money boxes, baby rattles, first-tooth keepsake boxes, silver figurines of animals, trains and other childhood favourites. Silverware gifts remain popular both because of the intrinsic value of silver, and also because silver gifts are easily personalised. Engraving the child’s name, birthday, or a special Christening message makes their gift even more special.

Ideas for a Modern Silverware Gift for Babies

Today, we are lucky to be spoiled for choice when it comes to affordable silver Christening gifts for babies. The tradition of heritage craftsmanship continues with manufacturers such as Wedgwood and Royal Doulton. With adorable bears romping across the child’s silver egg cup, or little rabbits dancing on their silver spoon, every child will fall in love with their precious silver gift. The parents will appreciate a personalised silver photo frame engraved with their child’s name and including a photo from the day of their baby’s Christening. Music boxes are a favourite modern Christening gift. Children and babies of all ages will love to be soothed to sleep by a lullaby from their very own music box. Most music boxes are designed to allow them to be engraved to make it a very special personalised keepsake. Money boxes continue to be a popular choice for a Christening keepsake. As something extra special, and for good luck, include a shiny gold coin inside the money box, dated with the year of the child’s birth or Christening date.