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Porcelain and Bone China Gifts for Babies

Porcelain and bone china baby gifts make wonderful keepsakes for baby. Celebrate the start of baby’s life with the beauty and fine quality of porcelain. Bone china and porcelain gifts for babies include gorgeous money boxes, elegant sculptures that symbolise the joy of childhood, adorable egg cups, and the wonderful, traditional range of baby plates, bowls, mugs and full dinner sets made just for babies. If you are looking for a classic keepsake gift for baby, browse our range of absolutely beautiful porcelain baby gifts. Ideal for a baby shower, or to buy prior to baby’s birth, porcelain baby gifts are wonderful gender-neutral presents that will be loved by every child and will suit every family.

Not only are porcelain bowls and mugs a beautiful, durable option for baby’s meal times, porcelain makes a wonderful keepsake gift for baby and family to treasure. The range of adorably decorated bowls, plates and mugs for baby look so sweet on baby’s shelf that you may never want to take them down, but if you’re looking for a safe, durable option for baby’s first dinner set, porcelain is the most practical, safest, and easy to look after choice.

The History of Beautiful Porcelain Giftware

Porcelain was first created in the mountains in China over a thousand years ago. In the fourteenth century, Marco Polo brought it to Europe in the form of a single small, grey-green jar. It took almost 500 years for the Europeans to unravel the mysteries of producing the smooth white, translucent, glass-like enamel that the Chinese were capable of producing in such high quality. True porcelain had become a sought-after status symbol valued for its unique combination of durability and delicacy. In the process of trying to reproduce the durable smooth, white ceramic finish of true porcelain, the Europeans discovered bone china. While not the same as porcelain, bone china is also a highly translucent, low-porosity ceramic that can be either glazed or unglazed.

Modern porcelain and bone china are both known for their delicacy, strength, beauty, and pure white colour. Porcelain and bone china gifts continue to be highly valued, and make wonderful presents for special occasions. Porcelain keepsake gifts are ideal to mark a milestone event: the birth of a baby, Christening, baby’s first birthday, or other special occasion for a young child. The specially designed range of porcelain giftware just for babies means you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect baby gift.

Why is Porcelain or Bone China the Best Choice for Baby?

As well as being beautiful, porcelain and bone china plates, bowls and children’s dinner sets are the safest choice for young children. Porcelain has a high resistance to thermal shock, so is safe for use in the dishwasher and microwave. Its low permeability means food residues and chemicals will not be absorbed into the surface of the porcelain bowl or plate, making it the best choice for babies with food sensitivities or allergies. With porcelain and bone china dinner sets for babies, there’s no risk of chemicals leaching into food when heated in the microwave, such as there is with children’s melamine or plastic bowls.

With a great range of child-sized decorated plates and dinner sets, porcelain and bone china are wonderful gifts for baby. Gorgeously decorated, young children will fall in love with the whimsical rabbits, bears and other adorable animals that dance and play around their dinner set. The Royal Doulton Bunnykins range of bone china gifts for babies is an absolute favourite for children and parents alike. The Bunnykins are getting up to all sorts of adorable adventures, and your little one will love uncovering them spoonful by spoonful. The most difficult part of selecting the best bone china or porcelain gift for baby will be choosing your own favourite from our great range.

For inspirational ideas for keepsake gifts for baby, browse our range of specially selected products that we know will make a wonderful present for baby’s Christening, first birthday, or to celebrate the birth of a special child. Porcelain baby keepsakes are timeless baby gifts that recreate the pure joy and innocence of childhood. Porcelain will last a lifetime, and is sure to be cherished as it is handed down through the generations. For a beautiful and practical baby gift, bone china and porcelain keepsake gifts are the perfect choice.