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The Importance of giving a Personalised Christening Keepsake Gift

For many friends and family, being invited to a special child’s Christening is an honour. However, not everyone knows just what to buy for a Christening gift. For those that have never been to a Christening and are not sure what types of gifts are appropriate, we have put together some advice for choosing traditional Christening gifts. For those that want to give a memorable Christening gift that isn’t too expensive, we have a range of lovely personalised Christening gifts that won’t blow the budget. If you know the new parents would prefer a practical Christening gift, we have the perfect suggestions for you. If you would like your Christening gift to become a treasured keepsake for the young child, The Baby Gift Store has the best range of personalised keepsake gifts that we know will be just perfect.

Following the young baby’s Christening, and as baby grows, the family will appreciate having a special keepsake gift to remember your presence at such an important milestone in their child’s life. The child will love having a personalised Christening gift from you that connects the two of you right from the start. Children love to look at photos of themselves, to hear stories of special memories or see mementos from their childhood. When you give a child a personalised Christening gift, you start creating memories for them of your life together, and you show them that you loved them from the moment of their birth.

Personalised keepsake gifts make the best Christening gifts as they show the family how honoured you are to be a part of their child’s special day, while also providing the child with a special token of your love that they will cherish for a lifetime. Many Christening gifts are even handed down through the generations. If possible, for an even more personalised present, choose a gift that is similar in some ways to a keepsake that either you, or the child’s parents, were given as a baby. Continuing important family traditions is a lovely way to add a very special personal touch to a child’s Christening. The child’s parents or grandparents were likely given a pewter baby mug, a rattle, or a silver spoon. Sometimes it may even be possible to find gifts with similar imagery. Sculpted images of little bears, rabbits, or floral arrangements are all traditional imagery that were used for Christening gifts in the past.

Inspirational ideas for what to buy for a Christening

Personalised gifts for a Christening are different for every family. The sorts of gifts that resonate with you and with the child’s family is something that will vary depending on your relationship and the personalities involved. It can sometimes be a little confusing to understand the etiquette regarding Christening gifts from friends, family or from godparents. If you are a close family friend or family member, personalised Christening keepsakes may often serve as a reminder of your relationship. Choosing a gift that reflects that relationship is important. Timeless Christening gifts that symbolise the joy of childhood include baby rattles, music boxes, baby mugs, birth certificate holders, jewellery, teddy bears and the range of Royal Doulton Bunnykins dinner sets. These are wonderful gifts from any close friend or family member.

With superb quality gifts made by heritage craftsman, Wedgwood silver and Waterford crystal are well known brands that have earned their reputation as leading manufacturers of keepsake gifts and collectables that are ideal for a Christening. The range of beautifully sculpted silver money boxes, silver spoons and eggcups, photoframes, and music boxes are all ideal if you are looking for a personalised gift that can be engraved. Selecting a gift that can be engraved with a personalised message, or the baby’s name and birthdate, makes your gift a particularly special commemorative item. Including a verse from the bible or a poem, or perhaps a personal message from you to the child, gives your gift special meaning and is the best way to give a truly personalised Christening keepsake that will be treasured for a lifetime.

If you know that the family are more likely to appreciate practical gifts that the child can use, then selecting baby blankets, linen or baby clothes might be a more appropriate gift. Showing the family that you are aware of their preferences helps to make your gift a personal one. Durable, dishwasher-safe baby plates and bowls from Royal Doulton are absolutely gorgeous Christening gifts that are practical and won’t cost a fortune. A special photo album that already includes a few pictures of the young child and their family also makes a wonderfully personalised gift. Giving a gift that is meaningful to both you and their child’s family is the best way to give a wonderfully personalised Christening gift that you can be sure will be cherished.