Why Gift the New Mum and Dad with Keepsakes for Baby

Babies are beautiful little gifts, sent from heaven with innocence in their heart and love in their eyes. Everyone cherishes the presence of a new life, especially one as special and extraordinary as a new little boy or girl. For parents, particularly brand-new parents, the joys of a child have just begun. And their hearts are filled with love, happiness, and excitement, as well as a little fear, a lot of hope, and a whole bunch of anticipation for the amazing years and moments to come.

We think Winnie the Pooh said it best when he said, “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” So, why should you gift a new mum and dad with keepsakes for baby? Because these little moments are precious and fleeting. Before they know it, their newborn has become a toddling, rambunctious toddler, and then a smart, joyful kid, and then a strong-willed, independent teenager. Life happens so quickly, and keepsakes capture the most precious memories for parents to cherish forever.

Our Selection of Adorable Keepsakes for Memories of Baby

From births, to christening, to first smiles, first steps, and first giggles, there is nothing quite like a keepsake to cherish the memories of when your baby was…well, a baby. Most mums will say that their babies will always be their babies, no matter how old they get. And most of those mums have keepsakes like ours on bookshelves and mantles throughout their home.

These little memories are treasured, truly and completely. One of the most popular keepsake options is our Imprint Kits that capture the handprints or footprints of baby in a soft dough. This dough hardens to form a framed keepsake, perfect for carefully, beautifully displaying in a baby room or sitting room shelf.

We also have silver-toned keepsakes, like baby cups, Peter Rabbit mugs, and photo frames. Why silver? The significance of this metal dates back centuries, as silver has always been associated with purity, rebirth, innocence, and hope. In other words, silver is everything a parent hopes for, cherishes, and loves about their new baby. Parents have high hopes and expectations for their children, coupled with unconditional love and compassion. Our silver-toned and silver-plated keepsakes are meant to capture that sentimentality, so mum, dad, and their kiddos can look back on fond memories.

Why are Footprints and Handprints a Big Deal with Keepsakes?

You may have noticed that several of our Baby Gift Store keepsakes give parents the opportunity to preserve the feet and hand prints of their newborn. This is because, one day, mum and dad will look back and remember how small, dainty, and delicate their little baby seemed. They will remember counting those little toes, holding those little fingers, and kissing those little palms and heels. These memories are magical for parents, especially when their little babies aren’t so little anymore.

When you give the gift of a customizable keepsake, like the hand and foot prints sets, you are giving the parents-to-be future opportunities to relive their fondest memories. These are heartfelt and sentimental baby shower gifts.

The Option of Gift Vouchers for the Parents-to-be

If you are drawing a blank on the best baby keepsakes to gift to a new mum and dad, opt for a gift voucher instead. You can load these vouchers with the amount of your choice, then send them instantly to the parents-to-be via email. Or, if you have a baby shower to go to, print the gift voucher yourself and hide it within a sweet card of congratulations to the new parents.

How do the Baby Gift Store vouchers work? When you load your amount onto the voucher, it activates for your recipient. Think of it as money in the bank or cash in their pocket. Except they can only use these gift vouchers on our website. When the parents-to-be find the perfect presents for their little bundle of joy, they can use the voucher at checkout to pay for their purchase. It’s a thoughtful gift that goes a long way towards getting the new mum and dad exactly what they need for their little girl or boy.