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We make every effort to have stock available of all items, however in certain circumstances where an item may not be available, The Baby Gift Store reserve the right to substitute those products with a replacement item guaranteed to be equal or greater value than the original item.


Gender Neutral Baby Hampers Are The Ultimate Gift

Oh the joy of a growing belly is exciting. The wonderful potential all wrapped up in a pregnant parcel. With modern technology it is easier than ever to get an accurate prediction of if that pregnant parcel is a girl baby or a boy baby. Nevertheless, there is still a vast number of people who opt to keep that little detail a surprise. There is no reason why this needs to make gift buying difficult. Not with all the gender neutral options out there. Not with a gender neutral baby hamper from the Baby Gift Store.

Hampers are a brilliant way to celebrate a new baby with a delightful gift. The convenience of a ready made hamper is second to none and their popularity speaks to that. A gender neutral gift hamper is especially convenient. No need to filter through the pinks and blues at the shops. No need to trawl shops to find what goes with what and from where. All that hard work has been done. Gender neutral colours like white, grey and red are utilised and co-ordinated with cute accessories to make parents happy no matter the gender of their pending bub.

Along with gender neutral clothing options you will find many other fabulous options available in your gender neutral baby gift hamper. Books to celebrate story time is always a sure bet for a well received gift. Story time is an important part of any day. It doesn’t need to wait until baby is older either. Studies show even being read to in utero is beneficial to the brain development of a baby. The routine and rhythm of a calm time reading is lovely for a small baby. Then as the child grows it becomes more obvious how delightful story time is to the blossoming child. The time spent on someone’s knee, listening to a story being read is a treasured time that is over faster than we can be ready for. Definitely an experience to be encouraged.

Gender Neutral Baby Hampers Are Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

Teething accessories like the ever popular Sophie the Giraffe have been recommended for decades and they are well received by girls and boys equally. Plush toys are also available. Plush toys are adored by any gender, just to be sure though we’ve made sure to include colours and appliques that are completely gender neutral.

A good quality baby blanket is a sweet gift that is treasured by parent and child alike for a long time. The smells of home and special carers get soaked into the fibres of a baby blanket and it transforms a regular, lovely blanket into a precious relic of childhood. It is not uncommon to see a child nurse a special blanket from their baby years well beyond toddlerhood. Indeed there are even adults who still hold their baby blanket in a safe place as irreplaceable keepsakes. Gender neutral baby hampers have beautiful baby blankets on offer.

Gender neutral need not be boring or laboursome to discover. Many people have discovered just how fun and easy it is to find a beautiful gender neutral baby hamper gift from the Baby Gift Store. A baby gift hamper certain to bring a smile to the faces of the happy family.