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Baby Gift Hampers: Memorable & Thoughtful for Mum, Dad, and Baby

Babies are precious, no doubt. And gifting your loved one with something special in celebration of their new little one is one of the most important roles you can play in the welcoming of an adorable bundle of joy. Eden LeShan, famed author and children’s theatrical playwright, once wrote, “A new baby is like the beginning of all things—wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.” True statement through and through, especially for first-time parents that are just discovering the happiness of having a baby around the house.

We at The Baby Gift Store have tons of great baby gifts that both new and been-there, done-that parents would fall in love with. For instance, our baby gift hampers make memorable, thoughtful, sweet celebration presents for mum, dad, and baby. And these baby gift hampers contain some of the best products from the highest quality brands, like Marquise, Moet & Sophie, and Natures Child.

Why Would Parents Want a Box of Blankets, Outfits, and Stuffed Animals?

Because those are things a baby needs. Sure, our baby gift hampers contain a bunch of stuff specifically for a baby, but we carry several kinds that include something special for mum and dad. But honestly, most parents are thrilled to get a hamper with baby essentials in the mix. They are over-the-moon excited about everything their new bundle of joy is doing and will be doing. From the simplest looks, to the sweetest smiles, and all of the firsts to come. So, gifting mum and dad with a hamper of baby must-haves is the equivalent of helping them prepare for the tender love and care their cutie needs on a daily basis.

As we mentioned, we definitely have several baby gift hampers that include something extra too—just for mum and dad. Like cookies, chocolates, and champagne. When baby goes down for a snooze, the happy, and probably exhausted, parents can pop open a bottle of bubbly and munch on some sweets while discussing the tiring events of their day.

What Gifts Can You Expect in Our Baby Gift Hampers?

Most of our baby gift hampers include something sweet and fun, like a cuddly companion to keep baby company at bedtime. Daisy Deer, Ollie Owl, and Freddy Fox are a few of the pint-sized stuffed animals you might find in some of our gift hampers for babies. But there are also the traditional and classic teddy bears and floppy-eared bunnies. The choice is entirely yours and depends on what you think your gift recipient would like best.

Other products you can expect in our baby gift hampers might include a soft, warm blanket, adorable outfit for newborns, and a board book or two. Or, you could opt for a bath-time and skincare box with all-natural and organic lotions, creams, and soaps to cleanse and soothe a baby’s sensitive skin.

How Do You Know Which Baby Gift Hamper to Buy?

Think of it this way. What do you think a baby will need? Blankets? Towels? Books? Outfits? Compile a mental list of things you would normally get a baby. You can even pretend it is you who are being graced with a new bundle of happiness. Babies, after all, need to be kept warm and safe, but also entertained as they get older. Our baby gift hampers feature keepsakes, must-have essentials, and cuddly companions that covers the first year of a little one’s life.

Even if you get a gift hamper for baby and mum, you still have to consider the most important question, “what does a baby need?” When in doubt, strike up a casual conversation with the parents-to-be on what they will need for their newborn. Suggest some products that you know are in a baby gift hamper and collect some mental information for later.

Can You Customise Your Baby Gift Hamper?

Product-wise, we don’t offer customisation of anything within a baby gift hamper. However, we do have several customisation options available at checkout. Such as gift-wrapping and personalisation with a custom gift card. These kinds of extra-special touches let your gift recipient know you truly care.

We also offer free shipping on orders over $99 AU. And, when in doubt, you can simply snag a gift voucher for a set amount instead of buying a baby gift hamper. Easy-peasy, and the mum and dad-to-be can pick out their own gift from The Baby Gift Store.