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Gender Neutral Baby Clothes for All Adorable Newborns

You’ve been invited to a baby shower, and you’re super-excited to go. But the new mum and dad have requested gender neutral baby gifts, which throws you for a loop when it comes to what you should bring to the party. How about a few outfits from the Baby Gift Store? We have tons of gender neutral baby clothing options, like yellow onesies with rubber duckies printed on them. Or, or jumpers in bright green and red for a touch of the holidays. You name it and we probably have it, or a very close variation that new parents would love.

Newborns are adorable, no doubt, but baby shower gifts often focus on the big gender reveals. Is it a beautiful boy? Or, perhaps a sweet little girl? When mum and dad would rather keep their baby’s gender a secret or a surprise, gender neutral baby clothes are a go-to gift. We have a bunch to choose from. And, if they truly love the gifts, you can recommend our website to them for all of their baby clothing needs from the newborn stage to the toddler years.

Gender Neutral Baby Clothes in Cool Patterns, Prints, & Colours

Pink is for girls. Blue is for boys. So what would be a good colour for gender neutral baby clothes? Yellow is a start. But there are also greens, purples, oranges, reds, and a variety of other awesome colours that you could choose from. It really depends on the personality of mum and dad, since they will determine what baby wears. For a few years, at least.

At the Baby Gift Store, we have lots of gender neutral baby clothes, including onesies, jumpers, and rompers, in a plethora of vibrant, bold colours. Or, you can go neutral in tone too with a nice chestnut brown or an off-white. Plus, there are patterns and prints to take into consideration, such as teddy bears, polka dots, and solid stripes.

Preparing to Dress Baby for Any Weather

When shopping for gender neutral baby clothes, or any baby clothing for that matter, you need to take season and weather into account. Sure, the baby could wear a tank-top onesie in the summertime, but it won’t do them any good if they’re born in the midst of a cold, harsh winter. Think of the due date before you buy baby clothes, and ask the parents-to-be which seasonal selection of clothes they would prefer for their tiny tyke or little lady.

Baby Gift Store Vouchers for Baby Shower Gift Givers

If the baby shower is fast-approaching and you have yet to come up with a good selection of gender neutral baby clothes to give mum and dad, consider a Baby Gift Store gift voucher instead. Considered the go-to gift for unsure party-goers, you can set the voucher amount for anything you want. Then send it immediately via email. Or, print it out and present it to your gift recipients in a card at the baby shower. The choice is yours.

When the parents-to-be want to use their gift voucher, they simply search through our Baby Gift Store website to find what they like. At checkout, we will ask for a code to redeem the gift voucher, and voila! Your gift paid off in whatever the new mum and dad deemed nice for their little cutie.