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Singlets, Short-Sleeve and Long-Sleeve Tops for a Baby Girl

Our beautiful range of tops and shirts for baby girls includes traditional pretty pinks as well as stunningly gorgeous prints and patterns in a range of colours and styles. From stylish, modern tops and shirts for the trend-setting baby girl, to wonderfully sweet and simple tops that will look great on any little cherub. With singlets, short sleeve tops, frilled tops and long-sleeve options, we have everything you’ll need to fill a baby girl’s wardrobe.

Practical, Easy-Care, Machine Washable Tops for Baby Girls

Choosing clothes for baby girls is a heap of fun. Especially when there’s so many lovely styles and prints to choose from. Tops and shirts are absolute essentials when it comes to clothing for baby girls. If you are helping the new parents get organised for their new baby and are planning a gift for a baby shower or for a newborn baby girl, then classic tops are a great gift for every little girl. Cotton tops and pant sets are practical options that will be appreciated by the new parents. Babies can go through several changes of clothes each day, so keeping it simple with a range of comfortable, machine washable tops is the way to go. The new parents won’t have time to fuss over clothing when they’ll be busy wanting to fuss over their little girl. So cotton t-shirts that can easily be soaked in case of stains, or just thrown into the washing machine, will help to make the early days with their little girl that much easier.

We have a Range of Stylish Tops for Girls at The Baby Gift Store

We have the basics covered if you are wanting to buy practical tops for baby girls. Simple, pretty tops in a combination of pinks and white look just adorable on sweet baby girls. If you are planning something a little special for your baby gift, browse the range of wonderful tops from Marquise. Our range of detailed tops includes pretty floral and fun food designs, adorable animals, and stylish geometric patterns in a combination of colours. Tops with envelope neck openings make change time nice and easy. And with flared waists, frilled sleeves and charming printed t-shirts, your baby girl will be all dressed up in her special top for a day out and about. You’ll love our great range of shirts and tops for baby girls.

Comfort and Style for a Baby Girl

The gorgeous frilled sleeves and detailed trims on our range of short sleeve tops for baby girls all add a touch of style without compromising on comfort. Selecting soft, comfortable clothes for a baby girl is the most important factor when choosing clothes for your little one. Natural fabrics like breathable cotton, soft knitted wool, or cotton blends are the best choice for your little girl’s clothes. Natural cotton is super soft and feels great in both warm and cool weather, so your baby girl will feel cosy and comfortable. Long sleeve cotton tops are just the thing for cold weather. Our tops are made with breathable, natural cotton, so you don’t have to worry about finding the best fabric for your little girl. You just need to choose your favourite top (or two or three) from our great range of fun prints and beautiful patterns.