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You’ll Love our Growsuits for Baby Girls

In beautiful pink and white, with a great range of classic girlie prints and patterns, we have a fantastic range of growsuits for baby girls. Every precious baby girl will look just adorable in cute animal prints and gorgeously patterned fabrics from the Baby Gift Store. Our growsuits for baby girls are made from premium soft cotton. Quality fabric is important when choosing growsuits and onesies for newborns and young babies. With delicate skin that is easily irritated, it’s essential that their baby clothes are soft with nothing to scratch or rub against their skin. Choosing natural, breathable cotton also helps to prevent skin irritation. When choosing a gift for a baby girl, choosing a growsuit that’s machine washable and easy to care for is something her parents will really appreciate.

How to choose from the range of styles available in Growsuits for Baby Girls

Our growsuits for baby girls are available in a range of styles. The most popular option for baby growsuits is the all-in-one, full length growsuit. These can have fitted ankles, but will generally come with an enclosed foot. Onesies with enclosed feet help keep a baby girl snug and warm, without being too hot. Full length growsuits are great options for newborns and to wear overnight for babies of all ages. Babies often kick and move around a lot when they sleep. Full length growsuits will keep them warm no matter how much their kick, and it means no lost socks!

In warmer weather, a short-sleeve growsuit might be a better option. For baby girls born in summer and autumn, a growsuit or romper with mid-length legs or short sleeves is often warm enough. During the day, growsuits are generally the outfit of choice for just about all activities for young babies. With their flexible fit, growsuits won’t restrict baby’s movements at all, so a baby girl will be free to roll, crawl and explore the world.

Another option when choosing a growsuit as gift for a baby girl is the type of closure. Growsuits are available with zippers or with press stud closures. Both are useful, and there’s no real best option. A full length zipper that goes right down one leg makes it a lot quicker and easier to change a baby’s clothes. Laying the new, open growsuit out on the change table under baby, and then quickly unzipping the soiled clothes, the parent can remove each arm and leg, one at a time, out of one growsuit and directly into the fresh growsuit. A fast change of clothing can be a lifesaver during cold weather. Press studs that run right along the thigh or crotch are perfect for nappy changes. Baby will be far happier is she doesn’t have to be fully undressed just to change her nappy.

Add a Skirt or Jacket over a Growsuit for a Stylish Outfit for Little Girls

Growsuits also make adorable day clothes for little girls. Growsuits and rompers are practical options to wear underneath a pretty skirt. And they can be easily dressed up with a beautiful knitted cardigan or jacket on a special occasion when a little girl might need to look her best, but still just wants to be comfortable. For a baby shower or a newborn gift for a baby girl, growsuits are practical and comfortable baby clothing essentials that will be appreciated by the new parents.