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Dressing Your Newborn in the Cutest Baby Girl Clothes

Remember when you were a youngster and you had that one dollie that you absolutely adored? You took that babydoll with you everywhere, pretending to be “mum,” with plenty of love, attentive care, and affection. You always knew you’d make a great mother, and now you have a little beautiful bundle all your own. She is everything you dreamt of, everything you ever wanted. And she is loved beyond measure, no doubt. Moreso than any babydoll from your childhood, but you still love to play a bit of dress-up with your newborn in the same way you loved dressing up your adorable dollies.

This is actually totally normal for new mums, especially when their cuties look oh-so adorable in a plethora of the cutest baby girl clothes from the Baby Gift Store. We have everything to outfit your kiddo from the baby stage and well into the toddler years. As she grows, you can perfectly capture her amazing personality with patterns and prints that she picks out herself from our array of baby girl clothing.

Pretty in Pink: The Marquise Collection

Pink is the go-to colour for baby showers where the newborn will be a little girl. And the Marquise collection comes with a variety of pink baby girl clothes, in varying shades with unique patterns and prints. Our favourite, however, is the Marquise Pink Bodysuit Set. This set comes with two bodysuits, one in light, frilly pink and the other accented with red tulip patterns. Both outfits are machine-washable, and they would make the perfect baby shower gifts. Especially if mum is a pink-loving girlie girl herself.

The Marquise collection doesn’t just cover newborns. They have an entire baby girl clothing line that accommodates girlies from infancy to the toddler years, and sometimes into their kindergarten ages. But that would be thinking very far ahead. Perhaps too far for a baby shower.

Our Selection of Any-Weather Clothes for a Baby Girl

Before you shop for baby girl clothes, ask mum and dad for their suggestions on weather-appropriate attire. Most baby shower guests neglect to think about the weather when a new baby arrives. But newborns have sensitive skin and lack the control over their body temperatures. This means they need plenty of blankets and warm clothes for cold weather. And vice versa with lots of breezy, comfortable outfits for hot weather.

Gift Vouchers to Let Mum & Dad Choose the Clothing

If weather-appropriate baby clothes shopping throws you for a loop, grab a Baby Gift Store gift voucher instead. These vouchers can be set with the amount of your choice. We will send the recipient an email with the code and instructions on how to redeem their gift. Or, you can print the voucher yourself, then present it to mum and dad with a sweet greeting card.

When the parents-to-be are ready to redeem their gift voucher, they can simply search through our website to find baby girl clothes that are perfect for their little one. At checkout, they enter the code, and we will deduct the total from their gift voucher. It is the perfect present for parents who prefer to choose their kiddo’s clothing personally.