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Adorable Baby Clothing Gifts for Boys and Girls

The scenario usually plays out like this. Someone you know and love is pregnant with a beautiful new baby, and you’ve been cordially invited to attend the baby shower. You immediately ponder the gender of the little cutie, and your mind instantly picks out some adorable baby clothing gifts for the new little girl or boy. Or, perhaps you have no idea of gender, and simply choose some clothing options that are gender neutral and still oh-so adorable.

Whatever the case may be, baby clothing gifts are among the most popular baby shower presents worldwide. Diapers are number one—just in case you were wondering. Word of advice: If you are going with baby clothes as the go-to baby shower gifts, be unique in your choices. Think about what the parents-to-be are interested in and choose based on their likes of colors, hobbies, pastimes, and patterns. We have a huge array of baby clothing gifts that you can search through to find the perfect present.

Picking Baby Clothing Gifts that Mum & Dad Love

We understand that you might want your baby clothing gifts to be a sweet surprise, but the best advice about baby clothes from mum and dad. They each have specific things they want their kiddo to wear, like a particular sports team or colour that evokes positive memories for both of them.

So, without giving away your surprise, you can get some information on what mum and dad think about different patterns, prints, and colours. Where mum might like dark blue, dad might be more partial to light blue. So compromises will have to be made, and you will have to make baby clothing gift decisions based on the interests and disinterests of the new parents. The upside is, it is better to gift them with something you know they’ll love, than take a chance and potentially gift them the wrong thing.

Words of Wisdom for Sizing Baby Clothing Gifts

Most people, when they are invited to a baby shower, automatically think of newborns. Their outfits are tiny, adorable, and oh-so sweet, but these ensembles won’t last long. Babies grow the most during their first three years, especially from 0-12 months. This means you need to think ahead with your baby clothing gifts.

Everyone else at the baby shower will likely gift the new mum and dad with newborn outfits. So your choice of 3-6 month, or older, baby clothes will be met with both appreciation and surprise. No two babies are the same either. So what may fit one newborn might be too snug for another. Investing in varying sizes will give babies a chance to grow into new clothes.

The Gift Voucher: A Go-To Present to New Parents

If you know for a fact that the new parents are going to rack up on baby essentials, opt for a gift voucher instead. They can use it after the chaos of the baby shower has died down. Mum and dad will peruse our website, keeping in mind the gift voucher amount that you set. When they find something they need, or something they simply want as a keepsake for their baby, they can use the gift voucher code at checkout to pay for their gifts.