Christening Gifts Are Meant to be Meaningful and Heartfelt

Christenings, also known as baptisms, are beautiful, impactful occasions, where babies are sprinkled with holy water to symbolize God’s eternal love and protection. This ritual is often commemorated with a gathering of close loved ones, culminating in a celebration of life, spirit, and hope. These events are extra-special and symbolic, so we at the Baby Gift Store believe that the same should be said for the Christening gifts. They should be heartfelt and meaningful to capture the memories of a truly precious moment when God vowed to watch over a new, beautiful babe.

Some of the best Christening presents are personalised in silver tones to represent purity, new beginnings, hope, peace, and innocence. In other words, all the amazing things that a new baby embodies. The Baby Gift Store boasts a big selection of adorable, meaningful, personalised Christening gifts, perfect for new mums and dads who want to remember their little one’s cherished day.

Christening Gifts from the Heart

Meaningful Christening gifts are the best because they come from a place of love and faith. Let your heart lead you on this one. We have heaps of amazing Christening gifts. Ones that speak volumes about how proud of and happy you are for the new mum and dad.

When in doubt, always opt for a personalised Christening gift. Something that the whole family can cherish for years to come, like a Bambino picture frame. Or, take a peek through our Peter Rabbit collection for plates and sip cup sets that the newly Christened babe can use when he or she reaches the toddler years.

The Baby Gift Store: Gift Vouchers & Free Shipping

Gift vouchers from the Baby Gift Store are go-to Christening gifts when you have simply run out of ideas. No worries though, because you can set the amount on the voucher and gift it to the proud, new parents. Since the gift is basically for their little one, they can search through the Baby Gift Store, and find something extra-special that their cutie would love. Then, when they’ve reached the checkout page, mum and dad plug in the voucher code, and voila—an awesome, well-spent gift from you.

Keep in mind: We offer free shipping Australia-wide on orders over $99AU.

Sweet Cards that Make Beautiful Memories on Christening Day

Because Christening Day is such an amazing, heartfelt event, we at the Baby Gift Store fee that a sweet card goes a long way towards expressing your congratulations and happiness at the news. While we offer a personalised message with every gift order, you can always go a step further with an upgrade to a handwritten, beautifully customised message in the full-sized, colourful greeting card of your choice. The cards make sweet memories even sweeter.

Additionally, to match the super-special tone of your handwritten greeting card, you can opt for more customisable treats with professional gift wrapping for all of your Christening gifts. The paper is bold in the colour and print of your choice. And you can top it off with a wrapped ribbon and professional bow, again in the colour you pick. When all is said and done, these customisations make quite a heartfelt impact and positive impression.