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Christening Keepsake Books to warm the heart

Books. Books have been the entry point of knowledge and wisdom for hundreds of years. When books became accessible to the common man and woman, doors opened that would never again be shut. The opportunity to learn and wonder and experience a world beyond our own has been a realm that has been attempted to be defined long before the first page was laid on Gutenberg's printing press. Literary moguls have long espoused the magic and beauty of reading to children. Carl Sagan, a scholar notable for over 20 books and hundreds of journal entries in the science and extraterrestrial field said “One of the greatest gifts adults can give—to their offspring and to their society—is to read to children.” He knew what we know to be true, the benefits of reading books to children is vast. For this reason among others books make a brilliant Christening keepsake gift for children.

Christening keepsake gifts exist to mark such a special occasion in a child’s young life. The Christening day of a little boy or girl is a day that family and friends band together to offer the life of this precious new person to the Lord. To bless the baby with God’s richest of blessings. To step out in faith committing this darling baby to live a life full of the hope, love and joy that can only come from the highest of position. To stand with a family and espouse your commitment to walking along this child, come what may, in the direction of love and faith. The simple ceremony is drenched in love and commitment. This love and commitment is well served with a Christening keepsake book that will become a relic of the little one’s life. The Baby Gift Store has collected an extensive range of gifts perfect for the task. All of these are well selected books. Christening keepsake books are a great way to share in the joy of Christening day with a gift that will last for many, many years.

Keepsake Christening Book Gifts Will Be Treasured By All

Writer Garrison Keillor accurately stated “A book is a gift you can open again and again”. More than that, a book is a keepsake gift that can be surrounded in memories and sentiment from the earliest of days. Reading to a child, be it at bedtime, snuggling on the couch or perched on someone’s knee, is a process in which body, mind and heart connect. The closeness in that moment connects parts of the brain that are intrinsically important to physical and psychological development. The child may not see it like that. They just know it as a precious time where someone they care about is close and sharing an exciting world with them. A world created in the pages of their favourite childhood book. If you are looking for a Christening keepsake book, peruse the Baby Gift Store and enjoy the convenience of all the selection criteria of the perfect Christening keepsake book being met already.

Christening keepsake books can fit different purposes. Maybe it’s a sweet, sentimental gift to bring tenderness and warm feelings to the little one at bedtime. Or it could be a happy, silly book designed to bring everyone into bubbling fits of giggles. Books are as varied as we are as people and whatever your aim is for a keepsake book there will be one available. JK Rowling of Harry Potter fame declared “I will defend the importance of bedtime stories to my last gasp”. What Rowling lives and breathes is the revelation that kids and parents alike grow and come alive when there is a connection made between parent and child over the imagined literary space of a book. It need not be limited to bedtime though. Books are around all day and any time utilised to open a Christening keepsake book is going to be time well invested.