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Sweet Christening Keepsakes for Baby, Mum, & Dad

There is nothing better than bestowing the love and protection of God upon your child. Faith is one of the best things you can pass down through generations, as well as one of the most rewarding and fulfilling. This is why Christenings are so important, meaningful, and impactful to both a baby and the new parents. “Children are a gift from the Lord. A child is a reward from Him. Psalm 127:3.”

So, what are the best, sweetest Christening keepsakes for baby, mum, and dad? We suggest something that capture memories of the precious moments. For instance, a frame would be a nice memento. One that highlights the beauty of the moment with a clear picture of the smiling family in their Sunday best. Plus, most of our keepsake Christening gifts are silver-toned to symbolise innocence, purity, love, happiness, and everything a newborn embodies.

Silver-Toned Keepsakes to Commemorate a Christening

Brands like Bambino specialise in silver-toned Christening gifts and keepsakes, like photo frames with rocking horses and rattles in raised impressions. These keepsakes are beautiful and helpful in commemorating a Christening because they capture the symbolism of a baptism with an old-school play on what silver means.

Throughout Christian history, silver has been associated with good luck, prosperity, innocence, purity, and faith. Where it was once silver coins, mum and dad would be moreso happy to receive a silver-toned photo frame for a picture of their little angel, dressed in their Sunday best. Or, how about a silver spoon to represent a new beginning and a protected, righteous heart.

Other Christening Gifts for Capturing Memories

When a baby is little, a mum and dad can’t help but admire and kiss their little one’s toes, feet, fingers, and hands. It is startling how much those little appendages will grow within the first year of childhood. And even moreso astonishing how a baby will change into a toddler, kid, and eventually adult, when it truly seems like only yesterday for mum and dad.

Give new parents something to cherish and hold onto forever. Something that reminds them of the little hands and feet that brought them so much delight and happiness when their sweet child was a newborn. How about an Inkless Print Frame in blue or pink? Parents can ink their baby’s footprints in memory forever, then frame it to either hang the prints or set it on a bookshelf.

Gift Vouchers & Free Shipping at the Baby Gift Store

If you would rather leave it up to the parents to decide on the perfect Christening gifts, invest in a gift voucher, set in the amount of your choice. Mum and dad can peruse out website and buy a sweet, personalised keepsake to commemorate their baby’s Christening in their own way.

We at the Baby Gift Store also offer free shipping anywhere in Australia with a purchase of $99AU or more. Plus, you can further customise your personalised Christening gifts with professional wrapping and a sweet greeting card at checkout.