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Give a Gift as a Token of Appreciation to Baby’s Godmother

It is customary to give the Godmother a gift as a token of appreciation for agreeing to act as your child’s Godparent following their Christening. Gifts for Godparents do not need to be extravagant, but they need to adequately express your thanks for the important role they will play in your child’s life. Keep in mind that your baby’s Godmother will likely give a keepsake gift to you for your child, so it’s important that your thank you gift in return is just as heartfelt. A gift for a Godmother will be something she will cherish for years, and will remain as a reminder of the bond between your families. Being a Godmother is both an honour and a responsibility. When you choose an important woman who was been influential in your own life to be your child’s Godmother, you deepen that bond of love and friendship between you. The gift you give your child’s Godmother at the Christening is your chance to give a gift from the heart.

Choosing A Gift for a Godparent is easy when you give a Photo Frame

Many people are not sure of the etiquette involved when it comes to giving a Godmother gift at a Christening. If you’re not sure what to give for your Godmother gift, it’s nice to choose something related to the bond between Godmother and Godchild. The Baby Gift Store has wonderful photo frames that will make it easy to give a thoughtful, heartfelt Godmother gift. Gifts like photo frames, albums, or keepsakes engraved with the date and the names of both baby and Godmother are all lovely gifts for a Godmother.

Photo frames make wonderful gifts for a Godmother

A photo frame to display a photograph of the Godmother with her special Godchild is a perfect gift. If you already have a photograph of a special moment between baby and Godmother, including this in the frame will make for a lovely gift. Otherwise, the Godmother might appreciate a photo taken at the Christening when everyone is dressed in their best. A gift of a quality photo frame with a gorgeous photo that captures the love between baby and Godmother will be lovingly displayed.

A Godmother is a gift
sent from heaven above
bringing kisses and hugs
and never ending love.