What Does Being a Godmother Mean?

Nowadays, people have lost track of what godparents are and what they represent. Throughout history, being a godmother meant speaking on behalf of a child at a Christening, and upholding the responsibilities of teaching faith and love through God’s eyes. This has been a big deal in the Christian faith for as long as the religion has been around, but the meaning was muddled somewhere.

Luckily, now that you know what it means to be a godparent, you can make the right decision about who you would choose to fulfil that role for your little one. Humble in spirit and loving in nature, a godmother deserves a gift as much as the child does when it comes to this special occasion. And we at the Baby Gift Store have a variety of beautiful keepsakes that double as sweet godmother Christening gifts. From customisable, meaningful frames and vases, to adorable, lovingly packed hampers to express your gratitude, you are sure to find something to both please and impress the godmother of your newly Christened kiddo.

Godmother Gifts: Photo Frames for Cherished Memories

One of the sweetest Christening gifts for godmothers is a picture frame. One that she can use to display her most cherished memories. Perhaps she has a picture of herself and her godchild, snuggled together to enjoy an afternoon nap. Or, maybe she took a picture of your family at the Christening. Whatever the case may be, she will love being able to savour and adore that memory for years to come. And something like a photo frame, perhaps from the Bambino collection, is exactly what would make her day all the sweeter.

Gift Vouchers Make Thoughtful Christening Gifts for Godmothers

Some of the best Christening gifts for godmothers are ones that she can pick out for herself. The Baby Gift Store gift voucher comes with a code and instructions that your baby’s godmother uses to buy herself something nice from our website. From frames and keepsakes, to sweet trinkets, or even a gift that she and the baby can enjoy together (i.e. books and blankets), she can use her gift voucher on anything within the amount that you set.

If your baby’s godmother finds something a little pricier than the amount on the gift voucher, we can deduct the gift voucher from the checkout total. Then she can pay the difference with her own credit or debit card.

Free Shipping, Professional Wrapping, & More

When you’ve felt that you’ve properly, completely thanked your baby’s godmother for all she’s done, go a step further towards making her feel extra special. With every gift order, we offer a customised message on a small greeting card. However, for an additional fee, you can upgrade to a full-sized greeting card, complete with a sweet, handwritten note that you personalise and we write up. In this note, you can express your thanks entirely, going the extra mile to tell your baby’s godmother how loved she is and how special she is to you and your newly Christened cutie.

Want to go for the gold in personalised godmother gifts? Have her presents professionally gift wrapped, then topped with a shiny ribbon and bow. Pick her favourite colour for both! Keep in mind when you’re shopping that Baby Gift Store orders over $99AU qualify for free Australia-wide shipping.