A Gift Voucher for Baby’s Godfather Solves all your Gift Giving Dilemmas

Godfathers are tricky to buy for. While it’s customary to give the Godfather a gift that is relevant to his role as a moral guide and protector, it can be tricky to find something that truly shows how much he is valued. Gifts for the Godfather are traditionally keepsake gifts that symbolise the relationship between Godfather and Godchild, or something that baby and Godfather can share together. Giving a gift voucher gives you and baby’s Godfather freedom to find a gift that’s perfect for him. With a gift voucher, the Godfather can choose his own photo frame, crystal keepsake, framed footprint keepsake or anything else he’d like to have as a memento of baby’s Christening and his role in this special child’s life.

When to Give a Gift to the Godfather at Baby’s Christening?

There is no strict tradition when it comes to timing for presenting the Godfather with his gift. It might be appropriate to give your gift voucher to baby’s Godfather when you honour him by asking him to take on such an important role in your child’s life. Other families prefer to have a special family gathering immediately before or after the Christening where gifts are presented to the Godparents. When you give your gift voucher to the Godfather, don’t forget to include a special card expressing your gratitude. Either way, remember to take a photograph of baby and Godfather together on this important occasion.

When sending your gift voucher to baby’s Godfather, it’s expected that you would include a heartfelt letter letting him know how important he has been in your life and why you value his role in your child’s life. By giving him a gift and a special note of thanks you can be sure that baby’s Godfather knows how much he is loved.

I’m so very lucky that you’ll be there as I grow,
to guide me on my journey, to teach me all you know.
I’m so very blessed to have the Godfather I do,
because no matter what life brings, you’ll help to see me through.

The Baby Gift Store can help you select the best Godfather Gift

If you’d like to select your own present to give to baby’s Godfather instead of giving a gift voucher, The Baby Gift Store has selected a range of photo frames and cufflinks that we know will make a wonderful gift for your child’s Godfather. If you need help choosing a Godfather present, we’re happy to share our experience as the Christening and baby gift experts.