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Godfathers will love a Photo Frame Memento from Baby’s Christening

Being a Godparent is an honour, but it’s also a responsibility that the Godfather will take seriously. It’s appropriate to give a gift as a token of your appreciation for his love and care of your child. A gift for the Godfather is not usually a regular men’s gift. Instead, it’s traditional to give the Godfather a gift that further connects him to his Godchild. Gifts for your child’s Godfather should be keepsakes that will be treasured as a connection between him and his Godchild as baby grows. Christening photo frames or special Godparent photo frames are ideal gifts for a Godfather. With a special, personal photo frame that includes a photograph of baby and Godfather together, you can give him a truly heartfelt gift to express your love. When you give the Godfather a gift at the Christening you are showing him and everybody else how important he is to you and your growing family.

Photo Frames are Easy and Heartfelt Gifts for a Godfather

Even if you are unsure of the etiquette or customs involved in giving the Godfather a gift at your child’s Christening, it’s still nice to present him with something to acknowledge the role he will play in your child’s life in the future. A photo of him with his Godchild makes a lovely keepsake to look back on as baby grows. Engraving a photo frame with the date of the Christening, and with both baby and Godfather’s name together is a wonderful Christening keepsake for a Godparent.

Godfathers are such important role models for growing children that we want to make sure they know how much they are appreciated. Including a special poem to the Godfather from your child is a beautiful way to let them know how much you value their wisdom.

Please watch over me, help me as I grow.
Show me right from wrong, and teach me why it’s so.
Guide me when I need it, don’t let me drift astray.
Keep me in your prayers. Stick by me come what may.

The Baby Gift Store can help you choose a Gift for Baby’s Godfather

The Baby Gift Store has selected a range of photo frames that make perfect gifts for a Godfather. We know that new parents are so often busy with their little babies that it’s impossible to find time for gift shopping, even for something as important as choosing a thank you gift for a Godfather. For that reason, The Baby Gift Store has chosen for you, so all you have to do is add one of our Godfather photo frames to your basket and complete our easy checkout. Our fast delivery means that, even if you’ve left purchasing your Godfather gift until right before the Christening, we can get your gift to you in time.