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Christening Cot Sets for Comfortable Nights & Sweet Dreams

Piglet asked, “How do you spell love?” Winnie the Pooh replied, “You don’t spell it – you feel it.” Leave it to a popular children’s book character to perfectly describe the feelings and bonds between a mother and child. Babies are precious little gifts from Heaven. They bring joy, happiness, love, and sleepless nights to our lives, but they deserve the utmost comfort when it comes to their peace and rest. For this reason, we at the Baby Gift Store think that Christening cot sheets are go-to gifts for comfortable nights and sweet dreams.

Christenings are special and impactful to the entire family. Mum and dad don their Sunday best to vow their love to God and ask Him to forever watch over their little bundle of joy. These occasions are symbolic of peace and security. Which is what we believe Christening cot sheets would represent – snugness and comfort. We also offer an array of bassinet blankets and swaddles, perfect for wrapping a newborn in warmth and protection.

Patterns, Prints, & Colours for Christening Cot Sets

While safety comes first, the patterns, prints, and colours of Christening cot sets are a close second in the minds of most baby gift shoppers. Our cot sheets and blankets come in a plethora of different designs and styles, perfect for the parents-to-be with specific interests in particular colours and prints.

For instance, if your best friend, a.k.a. the new mum or dad, loves a retro look, gift them a Christening cot set that looks vintage in patterns. We have lots of checker patterns, as well as flowery, hippie styles.

Soft but Safe: Blankets, Sheets, & Swaddles

Safety is the number one most important aspect of anything for a baby, especially when it comes to what they sleep in. Blankets, sheets, and swaddles should be made from lightweight fabrics, that are loose enough to wrap, but firm enough to meet safety requirements for a crib or bassinet.

Parental supervision is, of course, always mandatory, but our Baby Gift Store blankets, swaddles, and sheets ensure you can rest easy knowing that a new mum and dad have peace of mind for the safety of their little one. Our Christening cot sheets are soft, warm, and up to snuff with all safety musts.

Baby Gift Store Facts & Info

We at the Baby Gift store pride ourselves on providing you with a positive experience. For shoppers Australia-wide, we offer free shipping on gift orders over $99AU. That’s a quite a few gifts to grab!

If you are coming up empty with ideas on what to get a new mum, dad, and baby, consider a gift voucher in place of an actual gift. Vouchers are set with the amount of your choice, and parents-to-be can receive your gift immediately via email. Or, if you are headed to a baby shower, print the voucher with the code and instructions, fold it up inside a nice card, and gift it to the new mum and dad personally.