Celebrate one of the earliest milestones of a newborn baby with a beautiful and memorable Christening gift from our hand-selected range from The Baby Gift Store. With a range that includes Wedgwood Christening gifts, and beautiful Royal Doulton Christening gifts, our range of stunning keepsakes will be sure to impress every time.

Delight New Parents With Beautiful Christening Gifts

Have you been invited to a Christening for a new little one in your life? Let us help you with selecting the perfect gifts for the special day, whether you have been to many or none. There are a range of different Christening gift types to choose from, which could depend on your relationship to the parents and the child, or the type of Christening the parents have chosen!

Christenings are a special time in a new child’s life for the family who want to bring their child up with the Christian faith. Although, these days, faith isn’t always the major contributor to Christenings and similar ceremonies. Instead, it could be a long time family tradition, the want for their child to be part of a supportive community, or perhaps it is an older child’s Christening – choosing to do the ceremony now that the child is at an age to be a part of the decision making process.

Because of the varying beliefs surrounding what a Christening means to individual families, some choose not to include the entire Christening ceremony, and instead decide to have a get together to have the little one blessed and/or hold a secular naming ceremony without all of the traditional formalities. Whatever the reason and Christening, it is certainly a wonderful way for the whole family and good friends to get together and have a celebration of the child, their wellbeing and their future.

Choosing Special Christening Gifts

Whether you have been to lots of Christenings before or not, it is always a beautiful day getting together with close family and friends to put the spotlight on that gorgeous new little one and even if you are not especially religious!

Christenings are that perfect event to find something a little extra special to give to the child, something they can keep and remember as part of their special day for years to come. Perhaps you have still got your Christening gift from all those years ago? Finding something similar to give to the baby of the day can be a beautiful tribute to your past, and their future. Christening gifts like these are a thoughtful present for you both to bond over when they are old enough to recognise both the importance of their ceremony, and your gift.

Unfortunately for multiple reasons, many of us live away from our loved ones and are not always able to make it back for, or over to, special events like these. There are only so many milestones we can make the journey for, and with many Christenings being not long after the birth, it just may not be feasible. Let us at The Baby Gift Store help you still be a part of the magic and get your Christening present over to that service with our free postage within Australia when you spend over $99AU. We can also ensure beautiful gift wrapping and a personalised gift card to go with your Christening gifts for a little extra.

Tips for Christening Gifts for the Godparents

Being asked to be a Godparent (or Guideparent as they are sometimes called for the non-religious) to the new baby is huge honour. Once again, people choose Godparents for different reasons; traditionally the Godparent was required to have a strong Christian faith to guide the child through life, but that is not necessarily the reason for choice now. Being a strong figure in the child’s future that they can trust; full of nurturing, care and protection are big drivers when parents make the important decision.

Whether you are family or a friend that is as good as family, let The Baby Gift Store help you choose the perfect Christening gifts for the big day! Being selected to be a Godparent is a wonderful opportunity to choose really special Christening gifts that the child can keep for years to come as a reminder of your love and commitment to them all those years ago.

Keepsakes can range from special silver plated items either as an ornament, or as both an ornament and a use for special occasions. This item may be something they can use as a child growing up, or something they will treasure until they use it as an adult. Perhaps select Christening gifts that you can both use together to celebrate your special relationship when they come of a certain age, like good quality glassware for special occasions.

We all remember those beautiful presents we were given as small children by special people in our lives that we have cherished and kept forever. So no matter role you are to play in the child’s life – on this day and beyond – take the Christening or similar ceremony as a chance to give the child Christening gifts that are really special, for them to keep for years to come.