Sophie the Giraffe

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Sophie La Girafe Baby Gifts

One of the cutest ever baby gifts the world has seen is one of our all-time favourites here at The Baby Gift Store. Sophie La Girafe is the most adorable Giraffe ever; and she’s not only super cute, she makes the most amazing gift for babies thanks to her eco-friendly, natural manufacturing process that makes her safe for babies of all ages to play with and enjoy.

One of the world’s most special baby toys; Sophie La Girafe has been traditionally produced for over 50 years and is made from 100% natural rubber to ensure safety for children of all ages. Recommended for use from ages 3 months+ there’s a growing range of Sophie La Girafe toys and gifts for babies young and older too.

The History Of Sophie La Girafe Gifts

It’s the natural rubber and heartwarming history of Sophie La Girafe that keeps the popularity of this wonderful children’s toy growing right across the world. Made by Vulli; and distributed worldwide; this award winning range offers the best of quality controls and safety standards to ensure the finest product for children and parent’s peace of mind.

The 100% natural rubber used to produce the Sophie la Girafe range is collected from Havea trees in Malaysia; which is then heated and undergoes a ‘rotomoulding’ process and another further 14 manual operations to ensure the quality of each toy.

Sophie La Girafe Worldwide Safety Standards

Each batch of Sophie La Girafe toys features a lot number that’s printed on the toy; this number makes the toy traceable down to the actual batch of natural rubber that was used in its production. Each Sophie la Girafe toy manufactured since 2011 can be traced for its production date and laboratory analysis results as they relate to the batch. Vulli is a company committed to creating the best toys for their customers.

Sophie La Girafe offers an ever growing range of toys and giftware for babies and older children alike. From teething gifts for babies, right through to fashion accessories for toddlers, there’s something in the Sophie range for all ages.

The Best Sophie la Girafe Gifts For Children

What began in 1961 as an idea to create a children’s toy that wasn’t simply a farm animal; has grown into a worldwide hit and one that we’re proud to be a part of here at The Baby Gift Store. What began as stocking a simple teething giraffe toy inspired by the desire to access the Sophie teether for our own families; has grown into a passion for including a wide range of Sophie la Girafe products across all our gift stores.

Baby gifts should not only be useful, gorgeous, but should also offer peace of mind to parents that they are safe; and the stunning gifts for babies and children from the Sophie la Girafe range does all those things and more.