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Welcome to The Baby Gift Store, where you'll find Australia's most impressive range of baby gift brands including Wedgwood baby gifts and Royal Doulton baby gifts along with stunning brands such as Marquise children's wear, or perhaps the stunning Waterford Crystal baby keepsakes are the perfect gift you've been looking for

Baby Gifts Galore! The Best Brands for Baby

You hear all kinds of different things about parenthood. From the sweetness and exhaustion of parenting through infancy. To the chaos, fun, and curiosities of toddlers. To the rambunctious affections of kids. And the rough attitudes and life navigation skills of hardheaded teenagers. Those years go by fast. So, of course, babies are some of the most cherished little bundles on the planet. Their sweet scents have been known to lull mums to sleep. And their adorable laughs are rivaled only by the excitement of their milestones.

The first year is perhaps the most difficult for parents. But good parents wouldn’t change that year for all the riches in all the world. But a few baby gifts from some of the best baby gift brands certainly help ease the process of new parenthood, especially for first timers. You can spend time perusing our website at your leisure, coming up with the perfect baby gift to grace the new parents and their little lady or gent.

Our array of baby gift brands run the gamut of useful to playful. There are also several gifts that are just-for parents, just-for babies, or a mash-up of the two. From hampers loaded with goodies for both baby and mum, to books about the joys and laughs that come with parenthood, to backpacks, children’s stories, and adorable knitted cardigans. We at The Baby Gift Store offer a plethora of beautiful, sentimental, useful baby gifts from some of the leading baby gift brands, like Marquise, Waterford, Four Seasons, and Sophie the Giraffe.

Baby Gift Brands: Marquise for the Win

Considered the proverbial cream of the crop in terms of the best baby gift brands, Marquise is a brand that believes in fun and cuteness with purpose. And many of their gift options offer something for all mum, dad, and baby. For example, one of their signature critters, nicknamed Freddy the Fox, makes a plushie appearance in several celebration baby hampers. Babies get a stuffed animal of none other than Freddy the Fox, as well as a soft, warm baby blanket and an adorable storybook. Whereas, mum and dad get a bottle of bubbly champagne to celebrate after their little one has dozed off.

Freddy the Fox from Marquise is a common baby gift for boys. But Daisy Deer ranks top of the list for baby girls. Same concept as the hamper before, but pretty in pink instead of blue. Marquise also offers baby-only gifts, like stretchy, warm wraps, top and bloomer or shorts outfits, and bassinet blankets in quirky, cute patterns.

Some of the best baby gift brands are ones that highlight the birth of a baby, but also lend a hand to mum and dad. Blankets, onesies, bedtime books, organic baby-safe lotions and bath washes, and bibs are all must-haves for parents. When you head over to a baby shower, especially for a close loved one, you want to make sure they are prepared for the arrival of their little bundle of happiness. As far as baby gift brands go, Marquise strives to give parents a leg up in prepping for the birth day of their new babe.

Other Baby Gift Brands to Consider

We at The Baby Gift Store have the help of dozens of great baby gift brands. And each one is different in what they offer to mum, dad, and baby. For instance, Bunnykins is all about collectibles that cherish the innocence, cuteness, and love within families. They have a wide range of handcrafted keepsakes, like plates, bowls, sippy cups, and coffee mugs. And all of these one to two-piece sets feature an adorable family of bunnies, engaged in the usual family stuff, like camping, sailing, and generally spending quality time together.

Bambino is another baby gift brand that works in memories and collectibles. The birth and first year of a baby is one of the most cherished, after all. Their baby gifts are always, if subtly, graced with hints of silver to celebrate happiness, love, and the overall innocence of infancy. They offer all kinds of keepsakes, from christening certificate boxes, to keepsake drawers with pretty poems on top, to baby albums. But their collection of memory frames is some of our top sellers.

Relatively new to the baby gift brands, Baby Therapy is one of our favorites because they offer handmade, organic lotions, soaps, and nourishing bath and body stuff, specifically designed to soothe a baby’s soft, sensitive skin. Mum might even find some nourishing use from the contents, like a bath time sponge or incense, of the Baby Therapy gift sets.

Things to Know About The Baby Gift Store

If you have spent a couple hours searching through our The Baby Gift Store website and have yet to find the perfect baby gift from our slew of baby gift brands, consider a gift voucher instead. You can set the amount you want and gift it to the lucky parents of a beautiful new baby. Gift vouchers are like money in the bank because parents can save the voucher for something they really need for their new bundle of cuteness.

How do gift vouchers work? When your gift recipient finds something they want, they can either keep the amount in mind and pay with the entire gift voucher at checkout. Or, we can deduct the amount from the gift voucher, and they can pay the difference with their own money. Shipping is always free for orders over $99AU. This goes for both gift-givers and voucher recipients.

Another benefit to buying from us at The Baby Gift Store are our professional gift-wrapping and gift card options. There are plenty of ways you can customize your gift at checkout. But gift-wrapping is one of the most popular customization options we offer. With the coloured ribbon of your choice, our professional gift wrappers will beautifully package your presents and top it with a bow. Card-wise, you can type out a message on a free gift card. Or, upgrade to a full-sized gift card for a handwritten note that says everything you want to say in beautiful script.