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Neutral Baby Blankets are Versatile Gifts for All Occasions

For every baby gift giving occasion, a baby blanket is a present that will be loved by both baby and the parents. For baby’s 1st birthday, a Christening gift, baby shower, to congratulate parents following their announcement of the upcoming birth, and as a gift to welcome a newborn baby, a baby blanket in a neutral style and colour is a lovely, versatile gift that’s guaranteed to be used year after year. The new parents will certainly appreciate the flexibility of gender neutral gifts, particularly for baby linen. Baby blankets will be used for years, and are often handed down to siblings. Choosing fun neutral prints and colours makes your baby gift something that will always be treasured.

There’s all sorts of different kinds of blankets for babies. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s a blanket in neutral colours for an older baby’s 1st birthday, or a gift for a newborn, we have something to suit. Our range of neutral baby blankets includes beautiful soft wraps, swaddling blankets, light-weight receiving blankets, cot linen, and snuggly security blankies for baby. Our blankets are all made with the safest, quality fabrics ideally designed for baby linen. High quality, breathable cottons and natural fabrics that feel super soft against baby’s delicate skin, and are sure to make baby feel snuggly and safe for a good night’s sleep.

Neutral Blankets are also easy to Personalise

Neutral baby blankets can help you to plan ahead so there’s no need to rush and find the perfect present once you know if the new baby is a boy or girl. If you plan on having baby’s name embroidered on your blanket gift as soon as the announcement is made, having a gender neutral blanket ready to go means there will be no delay in giving baby your special gift. Choosing a neutral blanket means you’ll have the perfect present for either a boy or a girl, and you can choose whether you add a special embroidered picture or the baby’s name to make it a personal gift.

Why do Baby Blankets make the perfect Baby Gift?

Snuggly soft baby blankets will, of course, be used to keep baby warm, and to wrap baby safely at night. But, as every parent knows, newborn baby blankets and wraps are used for absolutely everything! Baby blankets make a convenient change mat for nappy changes on the go. Baby wraps are perfect to shield baby from the sun. A light blanket or wrap thrown over mum’s shoulder is a lifesaver to catch any messes after a feed. Parents should always keep a few spare, light baby wraps in their baby bag to wipe up those unexpected messes (they’re sure to happen at the worst times!). Baby blankets make the perfect playmat for laying on grass in the fresh air, or for when a barrier is needed between baby and a somewhat messy floor. A soft baby blanket is essential for tummy time when baby wants to play, and then to securely wrap a tired baby to soothe them to sleep.

We’re proud to offer a great range of snuggly soft baby blankets that will have every baby longing to cuddle up with you for nap time. Keep things simple and choose gender neutral blankets and wraps for your baby gift. If you plan on buying a selection of unisex baby blankets or wraps for different weather, or just to ensure Mum and Dad have a good supply of essential blankets when out and about, don’t forget that we offer free shipping on all gifts over $99.