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Baby Gift Blankets to Snuggle and Cuddle at Bedtime

Do you remember having a favorite blanket when you were a kid? Most of us did. Where some were baby blankets, lined with soft fleece and patterned with cool prints. Others were ginormous comforters that we would cocoon in, blocking out the real world and making one of our own from fluffy cotton and warm fabric. There is nothing quite like a good blanket. And we get to experience those joys from an early age, which is why baby gift blankets make such great baby shower gifts.

We have a big selection of warm, snuggly baby blankets, perfect for enveloping a newborn in secure warmth and plush love. Babies, especially newborns, want to feel safe and protected, so most of our baby blankets double as warm swaddles. Then there are several baby blankets for older infants, from 3 months and up. And each one is long enough to cover them from neck to feet, keeping them cozy, comfortable, and warm throughout the night.

Baby Blankets for Warmth in Any Weather

When babies are born, they have yet to learn how to control their body temperatures. Ergo, they need mum and dad to swaddle them in warmth to feel safe and secure. This is where our collection of baby blankets come in. We are proud to have a collection of soft, warm baby blankets, perfect for keeping a tiny tyke or little lady safe and swaddled throughout the night or a nap.

Then there are considerations for harsh weather. We also have several plush baby blankets that are a little thicker and warmer, ideal for keeping baby warm when there’s no choice but to go out. You can also find thinner baby gift blankets in our collection for when the weather is warm but baby needs an extra layer of protection anyways.

The Cuddliest, Snuggliest Reasons to Invest in Baby Gift Blankets

One of the cuddliest, snuggliest reasons to invest in baby gift blankets is the bond that a baby will establish to their blankie over time. When babies come into the world, they are leaving a womb that was safe, secure, and warm. It is a place they have come to love, which means the elements in this world can be a little hard to handle for newborns.

You can ensure a newborn feels comforted and cozy by gifting mum and dad with a baby blanket that a little one can use for months to come. Think of it as a security blanket. One that makes them feel safe when the rest of the world seems harsh.

Drawing a Blank? Give the Gift of a Gift Voucher!

If you’d prefer to leave the shopping to mum and dad, opt for a Baby Gift Store gift voucher instead. You can set the gift voucher for the amount of your choice. Then instantly email it to your gift recipients at checkout. Or, print the voucher out at home and gift it in a nice card at the baby shower. When mum and dad use the gift voucher, they can simply find what they like on our website, then enter the code for redemption at checkout. Quick and simple!