First Birthday Toy Gifts For Someone Special

Oh how special! A precious little one has reached an amazing milestone and it’s time to celebrate their first year of life. We love helping to celebrate such special occasions, which is why we’ve carefully selected an amazing range of first birthday toy gifts for special little people.

There’s such a large range of options for choosing the best first birthday gift. We offer an amazing range of first birthday keepsakes and while they are beautiful we all know the real joy comes with watching the special birthday boy or girl play with a fun and exciting first birthday toy gift!

Educational First Birthday Toy Gifts

Looking for something that not only looks great, is lots of fun to play with but is also an educational toy for kids too? We’ve got a great range of first birthday toy gifts for both boys and girls that not only offer hours of enjoyment, but help them learn while having fun; which we think is the perfect way to learn things!

Simply search through our range of first birthday toys and games, and you’ll find age appropriate games for babies and young children; as well as toys that help them learn things too. Educational gifts for kids are such a lovely way to celebrate life’s little journeys; they won’t even know they are learning! Learning through play has been a much celebrated part of childhood learning, and again and again beats other types of learning as being truly effective at helping children grasp life skills.

Games For First Birthday Presents

A special first birthday gift is one that grows with baby; because we all know just how fast children grow up, learn new things and outgrow the things we thought they’d love forever. When choosing the perfect first birthday present; it’s important to put some thought into how your gift with grow with the special child.

Games make perfect first birthday gifts, because not only do they allow children to develop new skills while having fun; they also grow with the child, and many games are perfect for sharing with family and friends, meaning there’s lots of quality time to be had. Seeing as baby has reached their first birthday so quickly; anything that encourages family time and togetherness is definitely a great thing, because life moves so quickly it seems to fly by in a blink.

First Birthday Gifts Other Than Keepsakes

First birthday keepsakes seem to be the most common theme of gift for this special occasion; which is totally understandable. This allows the special child to have a special token of love from friends and family as they grow; but often knowing who is buying which type of keepsake gift can be hard, and double ups occur. We do our best here at The Baby Gift Store to choose a range of baby keepsake gifts that are unique and reduces the chance of you buying the same gift as someone else. If you’re still concerned, we think that first birthday toys and games gifts are a wonderful and fun option that the special child can enjoy today!

As an Australian-owned gift store; we ensure all our products are carefully selected to be of the highest quality; they are stored in our Sydney warehouse and distributed by our dedicated Sydney team, so you know your first birthday gift will be delivered anywhere across Australia by a team who cares.