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Silverware Keepsakes to Remember Baby’s First Birthday

A baby’s first birthday is a very exciting event for parents and young child alike. Having a special 1st birthday party, getting dressed up in special party clothes, and seeing all their friends and important family members, as well as getting so many wonderfully special gifts is a very big deal for a small person. If you’ve been invited to a baby’s 1st birthday party you probably want to give a gift that the child will be excited about, but that will also be appreciated by the parents, and be kept as a keepsake for the child to look back on as they get older. Silverware gifts are incredibly special 1st birthday presents designed to be unforgettable.

Our Range of Silverware Gifts for a First Birthday

Every young child will be beyond excited to receive a special shiny silver treasure for their 1st birthday gift. Wedgwood, in particular, has an incredible range of silverware gifts just perfect for a special baby’s 1st birthday. Contemporary gifts like a silver music box, money box, or little keepsake holder for baby’s first tooth and first curl of hair are such exquisitely beautiful gifts just made to celebrate a milestone event for baby. Many of the lovely silverware gifts for babies can also be personalised with baby’s name, date of birth, or a special message. At 12 months of age, baby is now ready for her own special set of silver cutlery just made for babies. These make great keepsake gifts, but are also wonderful to use for baby’s meal times. Parents will appreciate any of these wonderful keepsake silverware baby gifts for their child’s 1st birthday.

Traditional Silverware Keepsakes for a First Birthday

If you are wanting to give a traditional 1st birthday gift for a special child, silverware is a great choice. The custom of giving silverware gifts to babies has been with us for many generations. Silverware baby gifts are a symbol of good luck and a way to wish baby a prosperous life. This tradition continues, especially for baby gifts from close family members. Silverware gifts are guaranteed to become family keepsakes that are cherished by baby and passed on through the generations. If you’re presenting a special silverware gift to a family member, be sure to have it engraved with a personal message.

We have lovely silverware keepsake baby gifts to suit all budgets. If you’re trying to find a special keepsake gift for a baby’s 1st birthday, don’t forget that all gifts over $99 are delivered for free across Australia.