Give Baby Books on Baby’s 1st Birthday

Baby’s 1st birthday is the perfect time to give baby books as a baby gift. At 12 months of age, babies are starting to show their own preferences for things, like animals, trains and nursery rhymes. Baby is also starting to become more social, and will enjoy interacting with other people. Baby books that tell stories about baby’s favourite things will be a very popular 1st birthday gift. Reading books with baby is important right from the start. For baby’s 1st birthday and beyond, baby will absolutely love sharing story time with Mum or Dad. Baby will begin to remember all the words to their favourite stories, and will often love to have the same books read over and over. Choosing fun stories for babies means story time will be a wonderful time for parent and child to share. Books are great 1st birthday presents if you’re not sure what baby already has. Baby can never have too many books!

Help Create Baby’s Very Own Library with Wonderful Books for Babies

Board books for babies are a popular choice for baby’s 1st birthday. At this age, baby may not be able to turn thin paper pages without tearing. Baby board books will let a one year old explore and read their very own books without fear of damage. Books make a great 1st birthday gifts for babies with older siblings. Babies that have older brothers or sisters will definitely want books of their own that they can choose to look at whenever they feel like a quiet moment. If baby has already been enjoying lots of baby books and stories with Mum and Dad, then they’ll love to receive new books on their 1st birthday. Having a good library of quality children’s stories is important. Baby should always have lots of wonderful children’s books and stories to choose from. A first birthday is the perfect time to start creating a personal children’s library for a special boy or girl.

Quality Baby Books Perfect for a 1st Birthday Gift

At The Baby Gift Store, we’ve chosen the most popular books for babies to make it easier for you to choose a 1st birthday gift for baby. We stock baby books from quality children’s authors that are loved by children around the world. Baby will love vibrant illustrations that help to bring a story to life. Even before they can read, children will love exploring the wonderfully illustrated pages of their very own books. By giving a young child books on their 1st birthday you’ll help to create a life-long love of reading. Every time you come to visit, you can read your special birthday book to baby and create memories that will last a life time.