First Birthday Frames Are Perfect Keepsake Gifts

A first birthday gift should be special; and a keepsake gift is the perfect option for ensuring little ones have a way to remember this special day for the rest of their lives. While there’s lots of temptation to buy toy gifts for babies as they turn one; take some time to reflect on what a first birthday gift truly means; and consider that the perfect present may just be a First Birthday Frame; the perfect way to remember the day they turn one and display favourite photos of their magical day.

Birthday number one marks the transformation of a small baby into their new phase of toddler. If they aren’t walking already; it’s probably an achievement that isn’t far off. The first year of baby’s life slips away so quickly and a new form of independence is emerging; which is why perhaps the first birthday gift is best served as a gift to hold cherished memories.

There’s few other birthday moments in life where such massive change is occurring. Solids are being eaten and enjoyed in much more variety; words are being spoken, and the sweet tiny baby is fast transforming into a sweet, determined person. Such massive change definitely deserves massive celebration and whether it’s a first birthday frame or another special gift; we’ve got a carefully selected range on offer here at The Baby Gift Store.

Options Other Than First Birthday Frames

Perhaps you’re looking for something other than a first birthday frame? While we think that photo frames make wonderful first birthday gifts; we’ve also got a wonderful range of other products in stock. We offer a fabulous range of Wedgwood keepsakes that are sure to become a treasured family heirloom. Wedgwood have been creating beautiful giftware for generations, and their name is synonymous with quality and beauty.

Perhaps the Bunnykins range from Royal Doulton is more your style? Share the treasures of childhood magic with this beautiful range that makes the perfect first birthday keepsake gift. There’s beautiful treasures to be found tucked inside our first birthday gift range to help mark this magical occasion.

First Birthday Keepsakes Make Wonderful Gifts

Even though the special birthday baby won’t remember this amazing event; they’ll love having something to treasure when they are older. Whether it’s a first birthday photo frame to capture the memories of the day, or a special keepsake they can display for years to come as a token of the love that was celebrated by family and friends to celebrate their growing up.

Here at The Baby Gift Store we take pride in searching for the most exquisite baby gifts that are not only gorgeous, but of the highest quality to ensure that the special little person in your life knows just how treasured and loved they are. We personally hand-select each item for sale in store, and everything is stored within our Sydney warehouse waiting to be delivered to make someone’s day extra special. As Australia’s baby gift experts; we’re sure to have the most amazing first birthday gifts and keepsakes in stock and ready to send. Take advantage of our free shipping offers, or upgrade to our premium gift wrap and gift cards to create an extra special gift