Soft Teddies & Baby Toy Gifts

What’s better than snuggling with the perfect soft teddy or cutest baby toy gift? Not much if you’re a baby! Heck we don’t mind snuggling with a cute teddy or three! Not only have we thought about everything from baby boy teddies and baby girl teddies, we’ve also go the ultimate range of gender neutral teddies so that even if you aren’t sure what gender baby is, you’ll still be able to find the perfect baby shower teddy gift!

What’s So Special About Teddy Gifts

Teddies and toys are such a special part of childhood. They help bring an extra level of magic to such a precious time. Teddies are not only wonderful for cuddling, but they are the perfect friend to take on adventures and create special childhood memories to last. Teddy gifts for babies are a special way to give comfort when you aren’t there and give them a smile and love when they need it most.

One of the most common times to give a teddy as a baby gift is as a newborn gift. Teddies and soft toys symbolise all that is special in childhood. Innocence and pure joy. Whether it’s a traditional soft teddy bear or any style of plush character there’s something to suit every newborn here at The Baby Gift Store.

Plush Character Toy Gifts For Newborns & Toddlers

It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping for the perfect plush newborn gift, or a special soft toy gift for toddlers, you’ll find it here. We’ve got amazing character plush toys waiting to find their new home, along with a carefully selected range of organic and eco-friendly teddies and plush toys.

Our range of plush toy gifts for baby includes favourites from childhood whether it’s cartoon character soft toys, or beautiful plush toys from favourite story books; we stock a wide variety so everyone’s tastes will be covered.

Soft Toy Baby Gift Sets

If soft toys are all about snuggling then it makes sense to include a range of plush toy baby gift sets in our range too. We’ve got beautiful gifts for baby that include their very own plush toy gift along with blankets and swaddles to keep them cosy.

We’ve got organic baby toys that include plush toys to cuddle and matching accessories for a truly unique gift. No matter what kind of cuddly friend you’re looking for, whether it’s for newborn babies or active toddlers, there’s something here for every occasion, including animal teddies, teddy bears, and our favourite plush characters from childhood.