First Birthday gifts should not only be fun but should be memorable too and whether you're looking for first birthday toy gifts, or perhaps a gorgeous wedgwood or royal doulton first birthday gift, we've selected a beautiful range of quality gifts for babies who have hit that amazing milestone of ONE!

Celebrate The Important Milestone with First Birthday Gifts and Tips

So they made it! The parents, we mean! Baby’s first birthday is not only an important celebration of the child’s first year, but also a celebration for the parents – especially those first timers – for doing such an amazing job with their little one in the first 12 months. To commemorate this special day, The Baby Gift Store has lots to choose from to help you find the perfect first birthday gifts they will all love.

It is an emotional and beautiful time for those close to the child, thinking back over the previous 12 months to how far they and everyone around them have come! For some, it is almost too hard to believe they are already a year old, as they change so much in that period of time. Many say that feeling is especially prominent or even unique to that first year, so celebrating this milestone is more than just a birthday.

Which First Birthday Gifts Are Best – A Practical choice, or to Spoil the Little One?

As they have now reached that special age of one, they may have much of what they already need to take on the coming years. Making a decision between first birthday gifts that are practical or that spoil can be a tough decision! However, we believe that these two options can often be one and the same, so peruse our selection to find the perfect first birthday gift that will come in handy, and also treat that little one.

Some people may not think that a soft toy is practical, but what is more practical than giving something adorable that can not only be cuddled, but is also educational and sentimental? These snuggly first birthday gifts come in a range of animals and characters, with clothes or without, and with a range of textures and colours for the little one to get their senses going. This is a special and simple first birthday gift idea if you know they have all the other necessary bits and pieces already.

Similarly, one of our gorgeous mug and bowl sets can be just as practical and indulgent. With our selection coming with all sorts of patterns and characters for kids to enjoy for years to come, your first birthday gifts are contributing to the little one learning how to be independent and take control of their own nutrition!

Tips to help out the parents on the big day!

Finding ideal first birthday gifts is one of the many ways you can contribute to the celebration. Helping out with invitations, managing RSVPs, gathering decorations, and food preparation are also a huge support if you want to do that little bit more.

Despite the all of the excitement surrounding the first birthday party, the day can be a stressful one for the parents – especially as the child is now in a new stage, so juggling it all can get tricky! Help them, and everyone attending, have the best stress free celebration. Remind them that you not only there to provide those special first birthday gifts, but to also lend a hand in whatever way they need. Setting up and packing up is a great way to assist, as are things like putting out and taking around food and drink, and setting up the first birthday gift table.

Timing of the party is a good place to start. Ask them how long they want the party to go on for, and then you can go from there. If it’s only a quick 1-2 hours, planning can be super easy, and remember to help them start clearing out the guests if time starts getting away. Reducing the guest list to only close family and friends can help this schedule work, asking them to bring along something to eat or drink to share with the party along with their first birthday gifts.

Remind them that if they want it to be a longer celebration, people are ok with the fact the child may need to go down for a nap and may not be present the whole time. Who of us ever really get to spend the whole party with the guest of honour at any birthday, anyway? Everyone is there to get together and celebrate this milestone together, as long as there is lots of love around the child while they are up and about, that is all that matters. Furthermore, offering to take the little one around to everyone throughout the party is not only a wonderful way to let the parents catch up with others, but also means you get to spend quality time with the start of the show!

Our Special Services at The Baby Gift Store!

All that helping out means you may have lost track of time yourself! For your gift giving convenience, we at The Baby Gift Store deliver regular or express to any location in Australia, and if you spend over $99AU, that regular delivery is free of charge. Furthermore, we can offer you beautiful a premium gift wrapping service, complete with a personalised gift card for a small extra cost. Just simply make your selections during the checkout process and let us do all the work!